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Apple Fest, September 23, 2-5 pm

Sep 23 2017 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Join us to celebrate that best of fruits - the APPLE! 

For our fourth annual Apple Festival, we'll explore many wonderful ways to engage with apples - including:

  • apple tastings of our many heirloom apple varietals, including Spitzenberg, Liberty, Brown Russet, Gold Rush, Tompkin's King, Calville Blanc D'Hivre, and more!
  • apple cider pressing,
  • apple-themed cocktails,
  • an apple pie contest (bring your best pie!), and
  • sharing songs to sing to apple trees.

We'll also have a tour of TLC Farm, with a special emphasis on the orchard, and music and activities for all.
This is a fundraiser for TLC Farm's educational programs with a suggested donation of $10-20, but no one turned away for lack of funds (kids are free!). 
As always, there is no onsite parking!  Ride your bike or organize carpools and catch the shuttle at Riverdale High School (9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd.)

Mime, Music and Discovery Summer Camp July 19-22!

Music, Mime, and Discovery Post Advert 4.001.jpeg

Contact Carlos with questions: 925-263-6897
To register, please fill out this form.
*Save the date for Discovery Day, Saturday, July 23rd at 11am.  This will be a fun mini-festival day for campers' family and friends! We'll have a potluck lunch, bike-powered blended smoothies with fresh TLC Farm goat milk, and performances by the kids and teachers!

Apple Festival, Saturday October 10th, 2-6 pm

Oct 10 2015 - 2:00pm - 6:00pm
pie contest.jpg

Yes - it's even happening in the rain!!
Join us to celebrate that best of fruits - the APPLE!  For our second annual Apple Festival, we'll explore the many wonderful ways to engage with apples - including apple tastings of our many heirloom apple varietals, apple cider pressing, bobbing for apples, an apple pie bake-off and sharing songs to sing to apple trees.
We'll also have a tour of TLC Farm, with a special emphaisis on the orchard, and music and activities for all.
This is a fundraiser for TLC Farm's educational programs with a suggested donation of $10, but no one turned away for lack of funds. 
As always, there is no onsite parking! Park at Riverdale Highschool, 9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd. (which is 1/2 mile away)  and catch our shuttle - which will run every 15 minutes.  You're welcome to drop passengers off at TLC Farm and return to Riverdale to park and catch the shuttle.

Harvest Festival and Skillshare, October 2, noon-midnight

Oct 2 2010 - 12:00pm - 11:55pm
skill share flyer.jpg


Come celebrate the season by sharing skills, music, food and community for TLC Farm's annual Harvest Festival - so much is happening!  Check out the detailed schedule is below.

There will be snacks, treats, and cob oven pizza for purchase, and a silent auction to raise money for the non-profit education work we do, so bring some funds for that!

Transportation (note: no onsite parking, and shuttle stop has changed)
1. Hike or bike to 11640 SW Boones Ferry Road in Portland
2. Take the #12 bus or drive to Barbur Transit Center -- 9750 SW Barbur Blvd  -- and be picked up by TLC Farm's biodiesel shuttle running on the half hour and the hour

Cost: Sliding scale $10-20 per adult. Children under 12 are free. Worktrade available if arranged in advance - contact to volunteer.

Schedule of Workshops, Music and More!:

12noon: Traditional Dance Ceremony

12:30: Wool Felting with Samantha Backer of Tinctoria, Making Natural Paint with Joshua Klyber of Living Walls; Omiza River plays at the main stage

1pm: Opening Circle

2pm: Sewing Circle, Food Preservation workshop with Connie Van Dyke, Herbal Medicine with Judy BlueHorse Seklton; Hope Medford drumming workshop at Main Stage

3pm:  Water Ceremony with Robert Van Pelt, Tracking with Tony Deis from Trackers NW, Music Jam; Hope Medford and Tre Arrow play at main stage

4pm: Non-visual Plant Identification with Becky Lerner, Winterizing your Beehive with Jackie Friedman;O Horizon plays at main stage

7pm: Meddle plays at the Main Stage

8pm:The Dapper Cadavers play at the Main Stage

9pm:Lynnae Griffin performance at Main Stage

10pm - Midnight:TLC Farm All Stars Music Jam

Any questions?  Give us a call (503)245-3847 or email!

Event Hosting

Yurt event

Please click here to apply to host your event at TLC Farm.
Click here for testimonials from folks who have hosted events.

TLC Farm is a place to connect. As a forum for community sustainability, opportunities are endless!

A meeting, retreat, celebration, private class, spiritual event or other gathering at TLC Farm is something special. Here, the life of nature is woven into human experience: this place merges indoor and outdoor, living and artificial, wild and domestic. This program supports our work in bringing various communities and organizations into deeper relation with this beautiful place of the earth, and through it, each other

You are welcome to hold your own event at TLC Farm; by bringing your own group here you contribute to the fabric of the farm—sustainability to us is linking the many networks and threads of our social, ecological, political, economic and cultural ecology. Each group brings its own story, sometimes transforming a piece of TLC Farm, sometimes leaving information, sometimes getting others involved.

We are particularly interested in hosting multiple groups at the same time that can informally interact with each other, or gatherings that are focused on bringing different constituencies into closer and more meaningful interconnection. Let us know your ideas and needs

Please click here to apply to host your event at TLC Farm.

Contact the Events Working Group at 503-245-3847 or with other questions.


We are committed to welcoming groups to this land.  This is especially true of those aligned with our mission to support ecological & social justice movements, and structurally marginalized communities.

Village Green:
On the north end of the land is our lovely Village Green. This sloped, grassy area is surrounded by the sauna, fire circle, composting toilets, Yurt, T-Whale, Outdoor Kitchen and stage. It's a great spot for picnics and game
Yurt: A 30' diameter year-round insulated event space, with electricity and radiant heat, a mandala-floor, and earthy energy
Sauna: A beautiful, handmade earthen sauna, this sacred space fits 15-25 people. The sauna can be used as a "cave room" -- a cozy space without lots of light, great for healing practices or meditation gatherings. It naturally stays wonderfully cool in the summer and warm in the winter
Outdoor Kitchen: Facilities include an earthen, wood-fired oven (perfect for pizzas and other baked goods); a wood-fired, super-efficient "rocket stove"; a four-burner propane stove; running hot water and sink; various counters; and electricity. There is also a heated earthen bench and picnic tables. We have a stack of washable plates and cups available. Wood must be provided by event host, or otherwise arranged.
T-Whale: This whimsical teahouse was originally built for the Earth Day Celebration at Sunnyside Elementary School, and was soon thereafter adopted by TLC Farm. Made into the shape of a whale, the body provides an organic space for 10 people to sit and the tail is a fun spiral tower, great for kids! Between the body and tail is a small tea serving area.
Stage: Our 144 sq. ft. carpeted and covered stage is the perfect place for bands, theater, or just a nice flat spot to sit!
Perch: The back porch of the yurt is a multi-level wooden deck shaped in a spiral with a heart at the center. It overlooks the garden and is a lovely private-feeling spot.

Maple Grove: Eight big leaf maple trees in a circle form this sacred space, and a wonderful spot for intentional conversations, meetings or ceremony. Bring special items for the two alter areas.

Lower garden areas/edge of forest: The eastern edge of the land is the wild boundary between farm and forest, and contains many niches for gathering.

Forest: TLC Farm is surrounded by Tryon Creek State Park, with 700-acres of secondary forest and miles of trails. TLC Farm's trails connected directly into the Park.

The residences and other structures on the land are not available for use (they are part of Cedar Moon, the intentional community at TLC Farm). Composting toilets are available in the Village Green


Services are offered by our talented community members based on availability, and therefore may not be available at all times. We pay our service providers a living wage stipend of $15/hour, and ask that you cover this cost.

Making pizzas in the earthen ovens: We can help with the logistics of baking the perfect cob pizza! We will teach you how to build the fire, bake the dough and cook the pizzas, or we can do it all for you and your group; If you building/maintaining fires in the outdoor kitchen, please provide your own wood.

Catered Food: We have a variety of on-call cooks who can create fabulous menus for your group. We specialize in vegetarian, vegan, raw, or local/in season meals. And/or, we can arrange to have your event catered by local restaurants in our community.

Childcare: We have a group of on-call childcare hosts and lots of fun places for children of all ages to play! We even have a pack of small children (under ten years old) living at the Farm who are often welcoming hosts for other kids.

Meeting facilitation: Our facilitators specialize in consensus-based processes and can facilitate groups of all sizes.

Publicity: If appropriate, you are welcome to post your event on our Facebook page or emai. (free)

Farm Tour: Guided tours are a great way to learn about TLC Farm's sustainability demonstrations, inspiring history, and ongoing community success stories. Tours can be from a half hour to two hours in length; recommended time is one hour. (free).

Workparty facilitation: If your group wants to get down and dirty, we can facilitate workparties in the garden, native habitat restoration or a building project.

Educational Programs: TLC Farm offers a variety of educational opportunities -- please see our website for details.


Farm Host and CoCreated Agreement


Your link to TLC Farm is the Farm Host, and is coordinated through the Forum Working Group. You and the Farm Host will work out all necessary details for your gathering. If your event is ongoing, than your host might only need to be there just the first few times, or until you “learn the ropes”. Alternatively, we can train you to be your own Farm Host.

The CoCreated Agreement is a written document that outlines the details of the event, our agreed upon exchange, and TLC Farm’s guidelines. We will ask you to sign this (we will too)

Parking and Transportation

Parking provides us with our biggest opportunity for creative fossil fuel independence. We encourage people to get to TLC Farm via bikes, public transit, hikes through the park or carpooling. As an incentive, we will reduce the per hour rate of using the farm by $5/hour if you use zero or one parking spot! Directions for bus, biking, hiking and driving are on our website.

Bike: Definitely the most fun way to get to TLC Farm, biking takes about 45-55 minutes from downtown and only 30-40 minutes back!

Hike: During the day, you can park at Tryon Creek State Park Visitor’s Center on Terwilliger Blvd. and hike 15-minutes across to TLC Farm. Beautiful!

Bus: The #38 bus has a stop at our doorstep, but only runs M-F during rush hours. The #12 bus runs up Barbur Blvd, within two miles of TLC Farm. And the #39 runs from the #12 to Lewis and Clark College, a 25-minute hike through the woods from the farm.

Cars: We have four parking spots for visitors, and if your gathering will require more parking areas then we suggest carpooling or shuttling. Want to know our secrets for these successful car dances? Read on:

Carpools: Arrange to have your group meet at someone’s house or the Barbur Transit Center (two miles away) or New Seasons (3/4 mile away) and then share cars. It’s fun to carpool!

No parking in our neighborhood or in the State Park parking lot. We are very respectful of our impact in the surrounding area and ask that you be as well. As an event host, we will expect you to ensure that your event participants respect this request.


Animals: Friendly dogs are allowed but must be kept on leash at all times (we often have children, chickens or goats browsing the land).

Cleanup: All cleanup from should be done immediately following the event. The Outdoor Kitchen sink may be used to wash dishes. Recycling and compost containers will be provided by TLC Farm; please plan to carry out your trash.

Noise: Part of TLC Farm’s work is to be a good neighbor, and as such, we do not allow extended drumming or amplified music without prior consent of our closest neighbors. Quiet hours begin at 10pm

Smoking: There are two places to smoke cigarettes at TLC Farm: at the top of the driveway and at the bottom of the driveway, in the parking lots.

Alcohol: If kept to a central area, alcohol can be consumed in a respectful manner (and of course, for over 21 only). Alcohol cannot be sold without an OLCC permit.


Events and Calendar

Animal Husbandry Workshop, VBC May 2008

2019 Events at TLC Farm

Scroll down for the calendar. Click here to book your event.

Monthly work parties & skills shares: 
* Workparties and Skillshares -- Sundays. See dates.

* Landwork: landscape as ceremony -- Fourth Saturdays. See details.

Spring Workshops:

* Herbal Workshop: Spring Tonics, Sunday March 31st 11am-2pm 

Participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with our wonderfully abundant spring tonic herbs growing all around us this time of year. Learn about the medicinal 
propertiesandwide range of uses of spring tonic herbs like Dandelion, Burdock, Cleavers, and Nettles and get hands on experience making medicinal preparations you can take home with you. $20-40 sliding scale, NOTAFLOF.  To register, or for more information, contact*

* Do-it-Ourselves Mushroom Cultivation, Sunday April 28th 11am-3pm

Participants will learn the basic steps 
and get hands on experience  cultivating species of edible and medicinal Mushrooms using low-tech, low cost techniques.  In this workshop we'll walk through the process of growing grain spawn and ways to expand it onto a variety of substrates for both  indoor and outdoor cultivation using readily available and repurposed materials. $25-45 sliding scale, NOTAFLOF.  To register, or for more information, contact


Monthly Movie Night
Join us each month at 7 pm for a movie in the yurt, with homemade snacks & drinks.  Movie nights will be on December 19th, January 16th, February 20th, March 27th, April 17th, May 15th (check back for specific movies). Donations gladly accepted!


Apple Festival 

September, near the Fall Equinox


VBC Evening Event - May 28, 5:30-10

May 28 2013 - 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Singing Alive at TLC Farm, 2011

From May 24 through June 2, people will be coming together all over Portland for the VBC to build community in many ways (see for details). TLC Farm has long participated in the VBC, and this year we're happy to host one of the Decentralized Evening Events.

On Tuesday May 28, from 5:30-10pm, we're going to SING and PLAY, building community through fun and song. This will be a "Singing Alive" inspired evening, with multiple song circles--in the maple grove, around the bonfire, in our new yurt . . . Please bring your voice and spirit to share. We may also take walks in the twilight forest to visit the owls, and listen to the creek. We'll definitely be sharing yummy pizza from our cob oven - please bring toppings to share! Food and money donations will be happily accepted.

As always, parking is super limited, so please join the bike brigade leaving People's Food Co-op at 5 pm, or take the shuttle from the VBC Venue at Alberta Abbey (126 NE Alberta) running every hour, on the hour, starting at 5 pm.

Contact brenna[at]tryonfarm[dot]org for more information.

BLOOM: a spring celebration - Saturday May 12, 3-11 pm

May 12 2012 - 3:00pm - 11:00pm

Join us for BLOOM  . . . As we build community with each other and the earth

Bloom is an afternoon and evening of live music, workshops, good food, crafts, interactive games, and a chance to meet and connect with folks from all the various communities that converge at Tryon Life Community Farm. 

LIVE MUSIC (in order of appearence):

3:30-Brown Bear, Brown Bear - Americana Folk

5:15 - Stone Crow -  Celtic Folk Bluegrass

7:15 -Poor Boy's Soul  - Raucous Roots Music

9:15 - Mic Crenshaw - Political Hip Hop

WORKSHOPS: 3:30 - Social Permaculture Games with Jenny Leis; 4:30 - Backyard Herbal Medicine with Erico Schliecher of the Elderberry School, , Stone Tools, and rebuilding the Sweat Lodge, followed by a sweat ceremony tended by Robert Van Pelt (from 4, into the evening)!

We'll also be hosting a solidarity video shoot against Nestle privatizing water in the Columbia Gorge!

KIDS ACTIVITIES including Natural Crafts, face painting, a big slip and slide (bring your swimsuit!) and visiting the baby goats!


$10-20 sliding scale donation (food not included)  

worktrade available - contact brenna(at) for details

NO onsite parking - TLC Farm will run a continuous shuttle from Riverdale High School, 9727 Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard  Portland, OR 97219

All proceeds benefit TLC Farm, a community sustainability education center in SW Portland.


8th Annual Holiday Open House, December 11th from 2-5pm

Dec 11 2011 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Holiday Open House

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Please join us for a warm and cozy, wonderful time at TLC Farm's 8th annual Holiday Open House, during which time you can:

* Enjoy homemade goat cheese and wine in the beautiful common house of Cedar Moon, the intentional community at TLC Farm

* Meet some of both the intimate and the broader community of TLC Farm

* Take a guided tour of the land, visit our furry creatures, and hear stories --    filled with fun and laughter even on this typically cold, rainy day!

* Enjoy the warm ambience of cello music by Anna Fritz of the Portland Cello Project

* and much more!

We always have a sweet time at our Holiday Party. Hope to see you there!

Celebrate the Rain Sprinkles! Harvest Festival - today, 2-11 pm

Sep 17 2011 - 2:00pm - 11:00pm
Harvest Fest


It's raining -- but just a little, now and then (a lot less than East Portland we're told), and it's still warm.  And the Fest will go on!  Embrace our Cascadian climate, and come play with us - and we'll get a little fire going in the sauna, so it can be used as a warming room, brew up some hot chai, serve up some hot food, and dance and sing the rain back home. . . See you here!

The flow of the event will likely be something like this . . . 

2:00  stiltwalkers, games, face painting, nature crafts and cider press
2:45  Puppet Show from the Mother Earth School teachers
3:00 Music from the Cardboard Songsters (fun creative jug band), berry picking, scavenger hunt, etc.
4:30  Music from Stone Crowe (Cascadian activist folk)
5:30  Magic Show, Raffle drawing & brief TLC Farm presentation
6:00   Music from Daniel Sherrill (and EAT awesome wood-fired pizza)
7:00    "Singing Alive" inspired  Song circle  - bring songs to share!
9-10:30  Dance to live music from The Resolectrics  . . .

then go home and sleep real well

The Harvest Fest is a benefit for TLC Farm's education programs, including Mother Earth School, and we ask for an entrance donation of $10-20 sliding scale (kids 12 & under free).  Yummy treats, pizza and drinks will be available for purchase at the event.  Worktrade is available - if interested please conact brenna(at) at least 3 days before the event.

Please park at Riverdale High School (9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd. Portland 97219), and catch the continuously running TLC Farm shuttle.

About the music:

The Cardboard Songsters is early and odd American Roots Music and cardboard theater. Also creators of silent films called "cardboard noir" dont forget to check out some of their original music too.

Stone Crowe is an acoustic band that interweaves threads of Celtic, folk, and bluegrass music.  Inspirations include the Pogues, Gillian Welch, the Cascadian Mountain Bioregion, and Joy.  Not that there's a band called 'Joy' - we are simply a pro-joy outfit.

Dan Sherrill is a Portland based singer-songwriter drawing on influences from the Cascades to the Appalachians.  He listens to all types of heart music, but most notably Neil Young, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Fela Kuti, and Sacred Spirit music.  He plays guitar, banjo, ukulele, and sings.  He recently released his self-produced debut album Another Human Birth, which can be found at  

What is a Singing Alive inspired song circle? Singing Alive is part of a growing global 'song culture' which is knitting itself, and the world, together, thru the harmonics of communion with our common spiritual heritage. In this context, we will be sharing songs that the group can sing together.  By breaking down the divide between singer and audience, and sharing in the creation of the music, we reclaim our voice as singers, and the role of shared song in creating vibrant culture.  Visit for more information.



Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to

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