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Fire magic with Talilo and Cypher Cure!Tryon Life Community Farms generously welcomed us to be on their land and provide the perfect environment for a workshop for the youth we work with. Our organization is called Cypher CURE and we are a group of hip-hop artists and educators who gather to provide an environment of equality and respect where everybody has the opportunity to express themselves in the hip-hop cypher (circle) in both freestyle and written form. We believe this is a a way for the younger generation to experience community, mentorship and explore hip-hop as a positive, empowering and healing form of expression.

Cypher Cure in the yurt This workshop was our first ever Nature-cypher / Song-catching / Fire-making workshop. We participated in an intention-setting circle in Tryon’s beautiful yurt and then we all walked into the forest to individual “sit-spots” to connect with nature and “catch a song.” This gave some of the youth experiences they may have never had before - being away from the frequencies of the city, cell-phones and over-stimulation, to connect with something deeper within themselves and in nature. After we returned, the good folks at ReWild Portland guest-taught a fire-making workshop where we learned how to fire with a bow-drill and natural materials. We ended the day with a freestyle session and sharing of our lyrics around the campfire. Our time on the land was a wonderful and healing experience, full of laughter and good energy.

Thank you Tryon Life Community Farms for having us.
Much love, respect & gratitude,
Quincy of Cypher CURE

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