An overview of some partners with our organization, and how we work with them.

Cedar Moon
The intentional community that co-manages the land with TLC Farm. Currently has about 15 adult and 3 children members.
The land trust that leases the land under a 99-year ground lease that requires the land to be used sustainably and educationally.
Shining Star School
Shining Star is an affordable Waldorf school in NE Portland. It is starting the Mother Earth Kindergarten in Fall 2007 hosted in collaboration with TLC Farm.
Newberry House
Friends of the farm who live in a “simplified co-housing” community, a cooperative queer-friendly household setting, at the edge of Portland, in a place with a country feel and seven acres.
Cascadia Engineering
A Tryon Farm-based structural engineering practice run by a licensed Permaculture designer and TLC Volunteer. Their motto: "Our buildings support the people inside, and the world outside."

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