TLC Farm Photo Albums - check it out!

TLC Farm is so beautiful and has changed so much over the past fifteen years - we invite you to check out our photo albums to view pictures of the land, structures, events, people, animals and more! Each of the photos below will lead you to our Flickr albums, sorted by theme. Or see the whole shebang here!

The evolving 2019 Photo Tour of TLC Farm can be found by clicking the image below! Some photos are of the buildings/spaces on their own and some include events and people. We invite you to daydream about hosting an event here, too!

2019 Photo Tour of TLC Farm
To see the photo essay of our Save the Farm campaign in 2005-2006, click the image below!
Natural building workparties -- click the photo below for the whole album!
Natural building projects over the years
Visit our animal allies! Click the image below. Animal Allies

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