Volunteer Orientation and Work Party

Jun 17 2023 - 3:00pm
Are you ready to learn new skills? Spend more time in nature? Grow relationships with allies and mentors?
We are recruiting people like you to help build and expand old and new projects at Tryon Life Community Farm!
TLC Farm brings people together to root into relationships with each other and the land, by sharing tools for community-based sustainability and social change, and tending resilient ecosystems. When you get involved with TLC Farm, you’re not simply a volunteer, but also a participant that is supporting a project, engaging with the land, and cultivating community.
We need people like you to make it all happen!
Join us on Saturday, June 17 from 3-6:30ish for a farm tour, work party, and discussion on ways you can get more deeply involved in TLC Farm. *Optional* potluck to follow – please bring a dish if you are able, but we will also provide food for all volunteers. 
There are opportunities big and small, depending on your desires and dreams – whether you’re just looking to get your hands dirty for a day or become an ongoing volunteer. 
Volunteer opportunities include:
•    land tending
•    invasive species removal
•    animal husbandry
•    native species planting
•    environmental education leaders
•    school field trip guides
•    natural building 
•    event hosting
•    outreach
•    fundraising
•    and so much more!
Please meet us at 3 PM in the grassy field by the outdoor kitchen, yurt, and composting toilets.
Contact TLC Farm Engagement Coordinator Melissa with questions at 503-245-3847 ext 509 or engagement@tryonfarm.org

Native Food Sovereignty & Fry Bread Event, Sunday May 21, 1:30-4:30 pm

May 21 2023 - 1:30pm - 4:30pm
camas lily.jpg

TLC Farm will be hosting a Native Food Sovereignty and Fry Bread event next Sunday, May 21, from 1:30 to 4:30pm.

This event will include knowledge sharing from a member of the Warm Springs tribe about traditional foods, harvesting practices & land stewardship practices of the Warm Springs people. The talk will be followed by the sharing of fry bread & discussion about how frybread is a staple of many native communities but came about as a survival food from government rations. Donations greatly appreciated. As always, parking is limited, so please carpool - directions here!

Meet Melissa, TLC Farm's new Engagement Coordinator

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Hey there! I'm Melissa and I am stepping into the role of Engagement Coordinator at TLC Farm. I'm very excited about this work and look forward to supporting the growth of TLC Farm's community and participant involvement. 
I've lived in Portland for 10 years and have worked at several different local businesses over the years, including coops and start ups. Working within my community has always been a big passion and value of mine. I have a background in community building, project management, and event planning. I also have skills in outreach, mentoring, and trauma-informed teaching and communication. I have a wide variety of interests and passions, including herbalism, yoga, gardening, camping, rock climbing, sustainability, natural building, social justice, community, and the list could go on. 
I visited TLC Farm back in 2016 when I was a student in the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and fell in love with the land. I'm a connector and organizer that excels at bringing people together and "connecting the dots." 
There are many exciting ways to get involved with TLC Farm, from one-time quick projects, to work parties or larger ongoing opportunities. I'm here to help you get plugged in, support the TLC Farm community, and get the most out of your volunteer experience!
Please feel free to reach out and say hello virtually at any time, and hopefully we can meet in person sometime soon! I'm always available if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns.  You can reach me at 503-245-3847 or engagement@tryonfarm.org

Review of 2022!

Shroom Show

We were so excited to start welcoming people back to the land this year!  Along with all the folks who wander onto the land from their hike in Tryon Creek State Park, or families whose children attended summer camp or the out-door pre-school, or Lewis & Clark students who've heard rumors of this land and come check it out . . . .along with all these folks (and others), TLC Farm is a place where people come for education and events.

Here is a sampling of some of the happenings on the land this year:

March: Community seed swap and cider tasting.

April: Two mushroom cultivation workshops.

May: Fuse Theater Ensemble held a creative retreat (planting the spores that would become The Shroom Show!); a girl scout troop used the land to prepare for their first hike and camp-out; a seven year-old birthday party!; a tour with the Friendship Force.

June: Two high school groups came for educational tours and service projects; 350PDX donor appreciation evening, two weeks of summer camp, path tending work parties.

July: Funeral for a most beloved dog; SunrisePDX forest defense team meeting; reunion for Cedar Moon land stewards, three weeks of summer camp; natural building work parties.

August: Shade Equity coalition meeting; Pacific NW Forest Climate Alliance steering committee retreat; two weeks of summer camp.

September: Willow Creek Forest School pre-school starts; Fuse Theater's Shroom Show played four nights a week, all month long; Apple Fest returns.

October: All Families Welcome pre-school visits; ten year-old birthday party.

November: Land tending work party, girl scout troop field trip.

What's next?  Share your ideas, bring your class or host your next event here at TLC Farm!



Learn more about Willow Creek Forest School


Willow Creek Forest School is TLC Farm's outdoor, place-based preschool for children 3-5 years old.
Children enjoy a consistent daily rhythm in which they can allow their imaginations to blossom and be immersed in the magic of the forest, while learning to be good stewards to the land and each other. The flow of the day includes: crafts, homesteading skills, plant medicine-making, snack time provided by the school (including bread baked in the cob oven!), circle time, plenty of time in the forest and special festival days – all guided by songs and stories inspired by the changing seasons on the land. 
School runs for 9 months, Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30am-1:30pm, with an option to add aftercare each day until 3:00. Visit WillowCreekForestSchool.org for more information and to enroll. 
About Teacher Hindi: Hindi has been working with children in various settings for 20 years, and has been living on the land at TLC Farm for two years. For the past two years, she worked with Montessori preschool programs while dreaming about starting her own program. She loves sharing this magical land with children!

Become a Friend of the Farm!

Cypher Cure Fire Magic

We're in the midst of a campaign to grow our Friends of the Farm  - the committed, generous, creative people who sustain TLC Farm through monthly donations - with a goal of rasing $100 more per month. This could look like 10 people giving $10 per month, or 4 people giving $25, or all the other possible combinations!

TLC Farm is committed to keeping our land and programs econimically accessible, which means our programs are offered on a sliding scale and we work to make use of the land available to all groups, regardless of ability to pay. Our generous donors help make this approach possible. Become a Friend of the Farm today!

It makes a difference to become a Friend of the Farm!

Stability: Our program income and other fundraising is cyclical, ebbing and flowing throughout the year; regular contributions from Friends provide a reliable source of income each month to meet our financial obligations.

Joy: It feels great to give, and it feels great to receive – generosity makes everyone involved happier.

Leverage: Honestly, it looks good to foundations and major donors to have a solid base of regular financial supporters. Providing stability helps us obtain larger donations.

Demonstration of the Grassroots: As witnessed with the “Save the Farm” campaign, thousands of people each giving what they can really does add up to significant numbers. TLC Farm is an inspiring demonstration of the spirit of community, part of which is regular giving.

Help us meet our goal: become a Friend of the Farm and THANKS!

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to web@tryonfarm.org

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