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Tenth Anniversary Celebration & Bloom! Sunday, June 19th

Jun 19 2016 - 2:00pm - 9:00pm
Bloom Tea House

Tryon Life Community Farm has been sowing and harvesting community for 10 fantastic years! The summer solstice is right around the corner! Dads are great!  There are so many marvelous reasons to join us on Sunday, June 19th for our Bloom Festival. Let's celebrate!

This year's Bloom will be a Festival of the Collectival: an opportunity to bring your creativity, your performance, your favorite dish, and your loved ones together on the land to share in one anothers' gifts.

From 2 pm to 9 pm, the land will be alive with different activities and offerings, including:

  • Medicinal Plant walk
  • Theater games!
  • Earthen Plaster workshop
  • Visiting with the baby goats
  • Open mic (share music, theater, jokes, etc!)
  • Opportunities to offer and enjoy workshops
  • Good food  - we'll provide some, and ask you bring a dish to share
  • Bonfire and dance party, with Owl Antique and Medicine Web

It's the Collectival that makes the Festival fabulous!   Would you like to perform/present/bring something or volunteer? Please contact Brenna at brenna(at) and let me know! Check out our Facebook Event, and invite your friends.

Suggested Donation: $10 (or more!)   No one turned away for lack of funds ♥

There is no parking at the farm. Please carpool; bike, or catch the continuous shuttle running from Riverdale High School at 9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd, Portland, OR 97219.

Thanks to YOU and Willamette Week!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to TLC Farm through Willamette Week's Give!Guide this holiday season. Through your generosity, we received $9,544! We're going to be planning some fun "incentive events" soon, for all of us who donated to go out and use our incentives together, creating more fun and community.

Ad big thanks to folks who contributed to the farm directly, as well. All told, we met our fundraising goal of $15,000 - no small feat in a challenged economy. Your generosity is a testament to the importance of TLC Farm's programs and vision in these times.

Reciprocity: 2018 Fundraising Campaign

canning jars

Thanks for sharing your gifts with TLC Farm!  We're excited to share gifts back with you. For each gift over $50, you will be entered into a raffle to win excellent goods and services offered by TLC Farm volunteers.

These gifts include:

- Mushroom Gift Basket and Herbal Medicine Gift Basket from Ian Lamb

- Hand-made rag rug from D'Ana Valenzuela

- Basket of homemade foods from TLC Farm, including goat cheese, apple sauce, and blackberry jam from Brenna Bell

 - Gallon of hard apple cider from John Brush

- Music lesson with Carlos Kampf

- One hour of facepainting with Ruckus Muckus

- Ancestral Healing Session with Rain Crowe

with more coming soon!


TLC Farm as a non-profit organization has accomplished a great deal with very little operating income. At the same time, we have raised a very large amount of money in order to protect the land we occupy from development (see our history). An important part of our "open source" approach to this project is making the accounting for our operations as accessible as possible. As this web site matures, we are placing current and archive financial statements and budgets here.

Our basic financial reports for all years of our existence are attached to this page below. These include:

  • IRS 990 returns for 2006 - 2014, and
  • financial statements for a sampling of reporting periods.

Why Julia loves TLC Farm (so give it some money!)

Julia teaching mushroom workshop

Warning  - this letter is seriously likely to inspire you to donate now!
Dear Tryon Life Community Farm,
As a student, it can be easy to lose yourself in the bubble of academia, insitutional ritual, and mass-produced cafeteria meals. Tryon Farm has been a reality checkpoint that's kept me balanced over the past few years. It has not done this by removing me from my role as a student though - it has done this by bringing the rest of the world into my learning experience.
I am a senior at Lewis and Clark College. I have been involved with TLC Farm for the past 4 years, living and working on the farm off and on, doing weekly chores, teaching and attending workshops, and engaging in daily farm life. I consider the farm one of the most valuable parts of my life as a student, and in return I have taken personal interest in making that experience available to others. I bring new students with me to the farm almost every week, I invite my peers to garden work parties, and I host an annual harvest dinner for students thats focused on the value of being connected to your food and your community.
"We are going to need a salad for this dinner," I told a group of studets at one of these annual harvest dinners, "and the ingredients are over there," I said, pointing towards the gardens and handing them two large baskets. "But I'm not a gardener," one replied, "I don't know what to pick." I then shared with these students one of my favorite lessons that I myself learned from working and living at the farm; you don't always have to know the "right" way to do something - its ok to just experience, experiment, and trust your intuition with many things in life. "Go into the garden," I told them, "and taste. When you like the way something tastes, add it to our salad."
Just recently, over two years since that dinner, one of those salad picking students thanked me for that experience. "It still is one of my favorite moments since I moved out here for college, probably one of the most important lessons I've had, too." To me, this higlights what TLC Farm has to offer, both to individuals and to the Portland community. The "lesson" that this student experienced (one that I and many others have also experienced), did not come in the form of a book, a lecture, or an otherwise constructed moment; it is the type of lesson that comes from the gift of self-release. This is the kind of learning that follows the moment when, by no one in particular, you are granted the permission to step outside your expectations and simply probe at the world and interect with it. It is learning that is internal, personal, and enduring.
From goat milking to gardening, from cooking food to sauna singing, from consensus process to childs' play, whether you have lived here for years or if you've just stopped by for the day, we are all, in some way, students at TLC Farm. I personally have gained so much in the past few years at TLC Farm that I could not have learned in a classroom. This includes hard skills such as animal tending, food preservation, clothing creation and repair, and natural building. It also includes harder to define constantly evolving abilities such as comprehending and valuing community, viewing myself as a part of a dynamic and living system, and releasing my fears of self expression and experimentation.
These are lessons that are crucial for a resilient and healthy community. The insight to realize and recognize the bounty that is all around us, the knowledge to effectively process and work with it, and the wisdom to value and protect it on a local level - these are all skills we need in our evolving and changing world and they are skills that will keep our communities resilient and compassionate. I am deeply thankful for my relationship with TLC Farm and it humbles me to know that there is likely so much more that I have learned, of even greater value than what I've described here, that I have not yet even begun to comprehend.
Thank you,
Julia Huggins


Your donations are tax-deductible, of course. (View IRS determination letter.) Our EIN is 20-1887272.


Support TLC Farm - make a donation today!

Each month, TLC Farm requires at least $3000 just to keep its doors open. That's for TLC Farm's portion (1/3) of the mortgage on the land, for insurance, utilities, and basic supplies. This does not include salaries or costs for special projects. We rely on donations from our generous supporters - like you - for that money. Help keep TLC Farm thriving! We particularly invite you to become a Friend of the Farm, a regular contributor on a monthly or annual basis. (Of course, you're always welcome to just make a one-time donation, as well.) You may use our convenient automated system (credit card or eCheck via PayPal):

Or send us a check. Please make checks payable to "TLC Farm", and send to:
11640 SW Boones Ferry Rd
Portland, OR 97219.

Matching Gifts

Many businesses offer matching gift programs. It is easy to take advantage of this employee benefit that doubles the impact of your contribution. Check with your Human Resources department to see if your company provides a matching gift program or contact us and let us help you.

Donate Stock or Securities

A gift of appreciated securities (such as stock, bonds, and mutual funds) can provide tax savings at the same time you make your gift to TLC Farm. In addition to your tax deduction on the full market value of the stock, you can avoid a capital gains tax on the appreciated portion of the gift. For this reason, many people find that they're able to make a larger gift by using appreciated securities instead of cash. See a tax adviser for details.

The easiest and most secure method of delivery stock is electronic delivery; however, you may also transfer certificates directly.  Please use the following instructions.

Notification of Donor Intent

However the stock is delivered, the donor or the transferring broker must provide the following information:

  • Donor’s name and complete address
  • Broker’s name and phone number
  • Name and number of securities transferred
  • Approximate dollar value of gift

At the time of the transfer, you can send a letter or e-mail containing this information to the address above or Or call 503-245-3847!

Electronic Delivery of Stock

The following information will enable your broker to make an electronic transfer of stock:
Broker: Phil Richman, AG Edwards & Sons, Inc.
DTC Number: 0201
Account Name: Tryon Life Community Farm (Tax ID 20-1887272)
Account Number: 61808119
Phone number: 503.522.8025

Mail Delivery of Stock

You can send your stock certificate(s) directly to TLC Farm by mailing the unendorsed stock certificates and the stock power form in separate envelopes.

We strongly recommend that you send stock certificates by registered mail.

For more information, contact J. Brush: or 503-245-3847.


baby goats 2010

Our New Survey:

Please take a few minutes to give us feedback at our survey about what you want to see at TLC Farm.  We are getting ready to celebrate our 5 year anniversary this January, and part of what we're doing is re-visiting our organizational vision for the next 20 years. Your input, as our community member, is essential to that process, and we'd greatly appreciate any time you could spend letting us know your thoughts on the farm.



May 8 2010 - 3:00pm - 11:55pm

Bloom 2010:   Tryon Life Community Farm's 6th Annual Spring Benefit

Saturday, May 8th,  2010


 Music  -  Workshops  -  Children's Activities -  Food  -  Community


Omiza River  -  SaraTone & The Earth Gospel Choir  -  Acoustic Minds  -  Watertower Bucket Boys  -  DJ Obe -

Erico Schleicher  -  Maralena Murphy  -  Village Free School  -  The American Center for Sustainability - 

The Cedar Moon Community

and YOU!!! 


Tryon Life Community Farm

6th Annual Holiday Open House: December 13, 2-5pm

Dec 13 2009 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Open House, Dec 2007

Thanks to all who came for a wonderful afternoon!

Please join us for TLC Farm's 6th Annual Holiday Open House!

Share wine, cheese & other goodies with the TLC Farm community, listen to good music, meet lively folk, and take a tour of TLC Farm including our new greenhouse and beautiful barn loft office.

This is one of our favorite gatherings of the year, and our longest running public event. Even last year, in a downpour of snow, hardy neighbors trekked to the farm and kept up the open house tradition!

The open house is free, and we encourage you to bring your holiday donation, or donate online through the Give!Guide at the party. We hope to see you there!

Give to TLC Farm through the Give!Guide and receive goodies!

Give!Guide logo

November 11 to December 31 . . .
This holiday Season, give to TLC Farm through Willamette Week's Give Guide and receive goodies in return - beyond the joy of supporting a fantastic community sustainability education center!

In the box at right, see live updates on how much donors are giving TLC Farm, compared to other Environmental organizations in the Give!Guide. The higher we are, the more likely new donors are to give to us!

Now, unlike most other Give!Guide organization, along with all the incentives provided by Willamette Week (listed below) TLC Farm is adding some incentives of our own:

  • Every donor who contributes $25 or more will receive
    • a $5 off coupon for People's Food Coop's year-round Farmer's Market (held every Wednesday at the store on SE 21st & Tibetts),
    • and a buy one, get one free coupon for Pappacino's Coffeehouse on SW Terwilliger.
  • Donors who contribute $50 or more will also receive a coupon good for half-off your visit to Portland Acupuncture.
  • All donors will be placed in a raffle for a party for 20 at TLC Farm, complete with excellent pizza from our earthen oven.

Sound good? Donate now to TLC Farm at

If you need more to tempt you, here are the goodies provided by Willamette Week to sweeten the deal:

If you give $25 or more to any of the nonprofits listed in this Guide, you’ll get an email containing an electronic coupon. Print it out to receive the benefits listed below. $50 or more to a single nonprofit will get you, in addition to the electronic coupon, an envelope containing additional goodies. Next, if you’re 35 or under and give $100 or more, you’re automatically entered in a drawing for all manner of goodies — including a cheque from Willamette Week for $1,000. Gifts grow as you give more - see below!
Finally, every one of you who gives the $10 minimum will have a chance to have WW’s Publisher cook you and a guest dinner at his house early next year.

There are incentives for the nonprofits, too. Whichever one attracts the greatest number of contributions from donors under the age of 36 will get a $1,000 cheque from Willamette Week, along with bragging rights. The same holds for the nonprofit that raises the most money through this year’s Give!Guide.

The $25 coupon:
Make sure to print it out and hang onto it in order to be eligible for the following:

  • Free admission to a special Give!Guide show at Berbati’s Pan on January 15, 2010. (Value: $10)
  • Free Powell’s pint glass to anyone who makes a purchase at Portland’s favorite bookseller between January 1 and January 24, 2010. (Value: TK)
  • $10 off any purchase of $50 or more at Community Warehouse’s Estate Store.
  • 15% off swimwear at Popina Swim, Portland’s Bathing Suit Boutique.
  • 2009 MusicfestNW compilation CD (while supplies last).

For donors of $50 - $499:
All of the above, plus:

  • TriMet bus ticket (value: $2)
  • Coupon good for a medium beverage at Peet’s Coffee & Tea to the first 1,000 donors in this category (value: $4)
  • Track back card from Kiehl’s good for a deluxe sample (value: $2.50)
  • Free Reed’s elixir at New Seasons Market (with purchase of any Reed’s fourpack).
  • Free game of bowling at Grand Central Bowl. (Value: $5)

For donors of $500 - $999:

  • Home delivery of a New Seasons Market recycled grocery bag containing a bottle of fine wine from E&R Wine Shop, a package of Stash Tea, and en envelope of coupons.

For donors of $1,000 - $2,499:

  • The same grocery bag and contents above, plus one pound of Peet’s coffee, a 22 oz. bottle of Ninkasi beer. All delivered to your home.

For donors of $2,500:

  • Add a bottle of sparkling wine to that shopping bag and visit with one of WW’s owners on your doorstep when either Mark Zusman or Richard Meeker makes your personal delivery.

For donors under age 36 who’ve given $100 or more
You’ll be entered in a drawing for the following:

  • 20 Bishops Barbershop haircuts (one per winner)
  • Free Space-themed wedding at the newly remodeled Space Room for 50 people. (Value: $5,000)
  • 20 Nightgowns from Haralee (one per winner; value: $50 each)
  • 100 bottles of Jungle Balm (one per winner; value: $15)
  • 10 Naturally Knotty Bamboo Shawls (one per winner; value: $49)
  • Three bike bags from property of … (one per winner; value: at least $200 each)
  • One $75 gift certificate at Popina Swim.
  • Four private parties at the Kiehl’s store in Northwest Portland (one per winner).
  • One free Tasting Room Tour for 4 at the Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene
  • One weekend in a Zipcar.
  • $1,000 in cash from Willamette Week.

Now are you convinced? Donate to TLC Farm at to share in the season of giving.

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to

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