Rooted Spirituality

Tryon Life Community Farm extends a special invitation to all communities of faith:

Come share your unique wisdom here at TLC farm.

We welcome all efforts to inspire dialogue, generate workshops, and spawn ceremonies that inter-activate our highest spiritual potential.

  • How does your community root itself in its relationship to the earth?
  • How do the lessons and teachings of your community connect us deeper with the web of life?
  • How can we learn and work together for a healthier, wiser world?

A transformation towards just and sustainable economies requires a sea-change in values -- a dynamic necessarily founded in the ways of spirit. We accordingly seek to make TLC Farm accessible to all spiritual communities oriented towards the sacredness of the earth, and have hosted services and gatherings of Native American, Buddhist, Wiccan, Christian, Jewish, Sufi and other traditions, as well as interfaith ceremonies rooted in growing connection with the land.

In the past, TLC Farm has hosted blessings from Rabbis, Monks, and indigenous spiritual leaders. Currently, this land space holds a Native sweat lodge, earth-based altars built through community collaborations, rituals honoring the shift in seasons, and quiet sacred spaces.

Please contact us to discuss possibilities for occasional or regular engagement with this land and the networks connected through it.

TLC Farm provides common ground where a diversity of movements, communities and individuals in the metropolitan Portland region may:

  1. EDUCATE themselves and one other in skills, values, and paradigms for holistic human integration within our wider ecosystem;
  2. EXPERIENCE a sustainable urban ecology as possible, practical, and desirable; and
  3. EMERGE as empowered co-creators of cultures, economies, and polities of deep change.

We invite communities and individuals of faith to build a relationship with this land and the beautiful creatures co-habitating here. Please:

  • come visit this incredible land base,
  • create sacred space,
  • hold ceremonies and social gatherings,
  • and participate in the ongoing visioning of the sacred transformation of ourselves and this piece of Portland's legacy.

We seek to share this earthly sanctuary for group and personal renewal, meditation and prayer, rites of passage, celebrations, youth retreats, seasonal services, and spiritual ceremonies of all kinds.

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to