Parking lot work party July 11, 10-2

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Weekend work parties to build the new parking lot all Summer!

Are you interested in DIY construction projects and green infrastructure? Do you want to get a good workout outdoors and in community? Have you ever driven here and had no idea where to park? Or are you curious about TLC Farm and want to come visit? Join us for Phase 2 of the great parking lot build to answer your questions.

What we are doing:

We are filling biobags with sand, dirt and organic materials. These bags will become the retention wall of the new parking lot. We will be digging, mixing, and filling. Expect to be physically active and to get dirty.


Drop in event - next work party from 10-2 pm on July 11th.


Kid Friendly! Bring a water bottle, gloves (we have some, if you don't), and a mask. These are covid safer events. All activities are done outside.This parking lot will create space for families, elderly people, and people of all body abilities to safely and easily access theland.

Contact Malia at maliaikaika@gmail.com for more information.

Learn about Willow Creek Forest School


Willow Creek Forest School is TLC Farm's outdoor, place-based preschool for children 3-5 years old.
Children enjoy a consistent daily rhythm in which they can allow their imaginations to blossom and be immersed in the magic of the forest, while learning to be good stewards to the land and each other. The flow of the day includes: crafts, homesteading skills, plant medicine-making, snack time provided by the school (including bread baked in the cob oven!), circle time, plenty of time in the forest and special festival days – all guided by songs and stories inspired by the changing seasons on the land. 
School runs for 9 months, Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30am-1:30pm, with an option to add aftercare each day until 3:00. Visit WillowCreekForestSchool.org for more information and to enroll. 
About Teacher Hindi: Hindi has been working with children in various settings for 20 years, and has been living on the land at TLC Farm for two years. For the past two years, she worked with Montessori preschool programs while dreaming about starting her own program. She loves sharing this magical land with children!

Become a Friend of the Farm!

Cypher Cure Fire Magic

We're in the midst of a campaign to grow our Friends of the Farm  - the committed, generous, creative people who sustain TLC Farm through monthly donations - with a goal of rasing $100 more per month. This could look like 10 people giving $10 per month, or 4 people giving $25, or all the other possible combinations!

TLC Farm is committed to keeping our land and programs econimically accessible, which means our programs are offered on a sliding scale and we work to make use of the land available to all groups, regardless of ability to pay. Our generous donors help make this approach possible. Become a Friend of the Farm today!

It makes a difference to become a Friend of the Farm!

Stability: Our program income and other fundraising is cyclical, ebbing and flowing throughout the year; regular contributions from Friends provide a reliable source of income each month to meet our financial obligations.

Joy: It feels great to give, and it feels great to receive – generosity makes everyone involved happier.

Leverage: Honestly, it looks good to foundations and major donors to have a solid base of regular financial supporters. Providing stability helps us obtain larger donations.

Demonstration of the Grassroots: As witnessed with the “Save the Farm” campaign, thousands of people each giving what they can really does add up to significant numbers. TLC Farm is an inspiring demonstration of the spirit of community, part of which is regular giving.

Help us meet our goal: become a Friend of the Farm and THANKS!

Summer Camps at TLC Farm

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It's time to register for summer camp with Willow Creek Forest School!

This summer, we're offering three weeks of nature immersion summer camp and a special three day, two night Right of Passage camp for boys.  For more details and registration information, visit Willow Creek Forest School's website.

Nature immersion Summer Camps

  • June 21-25: Natural Science

  • July 19-23: Art and Crafts

  • August 16-20: Woodland Forest Fun

All three weeks of camp are for kids ages 3-7, 9:30am-2:30pm, $300 per week.

Special Overight Camp: Boys will be . . . A Right of Passage Camp

July 16th - 18th (including two overnights)

During these three days and two overnights, a band of brothers will turn their eyes outward, and inward. They will look to the forest, and its wildness, as a guide. We will listen to birds, track deer, drum and sing, explore the dark, tell stories, and pay attention. We will be flexible with different comfort levels and skills.

10:00am Fiday -3:00pm Sunday, for boyish people ages 10 to 12. $300 (but available to all who truly wish to participate)


Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to web@tryonfarm.org

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