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Launched by TLC Farm in 2007, Recode is now an autonomous project with its own website:, office space, and director Melora Golden who can be reached at: info at recodenow dot org

Read on for a brief summary of Recode's goals, and see bottom of page to sign up for email announcement list, and download relevant files.

Recode is an organization that brings together citizens, planners, builders, activists, and other stakeholders in developing, coordinating, and building the movement for regulations that support grassroots sustainability.


·       facilitates collaboration among the existing organizations and people doing various aspects of the work;

·       creates space for grassroots groups in the discussion; and

·       specifically advocates for acting within a strategy of systemic change.

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Ecovillage Zone proposal (rough pre-draft)25 KB
Original invitation to ReCode Portland (v. 0.4)20.5 KB
Recode: Regulatory Wish list114.5 KB

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