Permaculture Orchard Design with Marisha Auerbach- Oct 4th & 5th

Oct 4 2008 - 10:00am - Oct 5 2008 - 4:00pm
tlc food forest copy.jpg

About the workshop:
A Food Forest is a term for an orchard in Permaculture Design. Here we try to obtain a generous yield while producing all of the maintenance needs of the system on-site. We can grow fecund fruit trees while we grow understory plants for fertility, medicinal herbs, and other edibles in this intentional forest. We observe the ecological system of the native forest to create effective designs. By observing the functions of the native forest, we can grow an abundance of useful plants in our intentional forest with minimal maintenance.

Please join us for this workshop in the Food Forest of Tryon Life Farm.
The first day of this two day workshop will discuss design strategies,
including ways to minimize the use of water for the plants. The second day will focus on species selection and the creation of guilds. We will be learning from the Food Forest that was planted at the Village Building Convergence in May of 2007 and enriching the plantings as we collaborate on strategies for the future. Each day will include hands-on activities.

$150-100 sliding scale cost (camping available for nominal fee).
Limited worktrade available.

To register or for more information, please contact Laura at or call 503-245-3847.

About Marisha Auerbach:
Marisha has been practicing, studying, and teaching permaculture in the Pacific Northwest for the past ten years. Marisha is working to support the paradigm shift through sharing knowledge with others on a variety of topics including: permaculture, flower and gem essences, local economics, community building, ethnobotany, herbalism, edible landscape design, and organic gardening among others. She is enthusiastic about creating perennial forage systems and building local community as a response to peak oil. Marisha's interest in local economics and creating useful items using her resources manifests as several projects: working on a local community marketplace in Olympia, Queen Bee Flower and Gem Essences, Herb'n Wisdom for permaculture consulting and herbal products, and Growing Greetings which produces plantable greeting cards and other products. Marisha graduated from the Evergreen State College in 1998 where she focused on ethnobotany, ecological agriculture, and sustainability studies.

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