Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) Native

Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)

Parts used: leaves, fruits, essential oil

Medicinal uses: Strongly anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and soothing to the digestive system; effective remedy for rheumatic and arthritic problems; taken as a tea relieves flatulence and colic; the essential oil in the form of an ointment or liniment brings relief to inflamed, swollen, or sore muscles, ligaments, and joints and can also prove valuable in treating sciatica

Cautions: Those who are sensitive to aspirin should not take wintergreen internally. Essential oil should never be taken internally nor applied, even well diluted, to the skin of those under the age of 12 unless closely monitored (Chevallier 214-5). 

Wintergreen Gaultheria procumbens

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