Thanks to all our new Friends of the Farm!

Jul 15 2009 (All day) - Oct 31 2009 (All day)
Friends of the Farm update.1

From July 15th to October 31st, we ran our first ever Friends of the Farm Participation Drive and we welcome all our new Friends!

Friends of the Farm are supporters who pledge a monthly or annual donation to TLC Farm. The reliable support of our Friends makes possible the innovative work of TLC Farm: building community and changing culture though offering community education about permaculture, organic gardening natural building, sustainable urban ecology, forest and watershed protection, medicinal plants, and more!

Thank you to our new Friends of the Farm! Your names are now on our Fall FOF Drive Sunflower (see photo)!!

1. Miles Uchida
2. Charla Chamberlain
2. Brenna Bell
4. Jenny Leis
5. Bernhard Bach
6. Amy Harwood
7. Tod Sloan
8. Matt Gordon
9. Viridian, Joshua and Cat
10. Emi Soga
11. Laura Dvorak
12. Ashlee Albies
13. Jimmy Clarizio and Jacqui McGrath
14. Monica Cuneo
15. Angela LeVan
16. Naomi
17. Diana Harris
18. Robert van Pelt
19. Lee Cowan
20. Spindle
21. Teresa Keane
22. Gabe
23. Max
24. Adan & Aera
25. Brush
26. Lee Spiker
27. Elena Wood
28. Hyacinth
29. Katherine
30. brush
31. Tom P.
32. Matthew Bristow
33. Ben Haile
34. Gabe Shaddy-Farnsworth
35. Eric Miller
36. John and Margaret Delacey
37. Charles Dvorak
38. Brent Foster

If you missed the drive, you can still become a Friend of the Farm today. Click on to activate an automatic monthly withdrawal, or contact or call 503-245-3847 to discuss other ways of becoming a Friend of the Farm.

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to