TLC Farm Arts Action Team

The TLC Farm Arts Action Team invites earth artists of Portland to participate in growing movement for ecological art! We are exploring the use of the arts as a mode of social healing to experience our connectedness to all our relations. As part of the process, we will feature rotating exhibitions that interact with TLC Farm itself.

To get involved with the Arts Action Team, email:

More about TLC FAAT

The Arts Action Team thinks that some of the most exciting things about TLC Farm are the interweaving of communities, and the creation of new modes of communication-in-place. Using ecology and the land as co-creative muse, metaphor, medium, and mentor, our goal is to facilitate the expression of these ideas and processes in concrete, intentional ways, through performance, sculpture/installation, exhibition, workshops, and other artistic means.



Here are some lenses we use to understand our work:

Place – focusing on the relationships between people, their histories, the land on which they live, how these things interweave in our minds and affect individuals concretely.

Participation – taking art off the pedestal and out of the museum, giving it back to the community, and celebrating collaboration, communication, and the creation of communal experiences.

Evolution – exploring processes of becoming, whether of individuals, communities, nature, or other things entirely, exploring the effects of time and energy on art and the world.

Social change – effecting social change inspired by art or artistic experiences; also celebrating alternative histories through art, using examples from the history of social movements to inspire and activate ourselves.

Ritual – utilizing art to create a spiritual experience for the viewer/participant, creating sacred places and energies to help people connect with their bodies, with the land, with each other, with something greater.

Art as a way to manifest/envision another way of living – We believe there is a better way to be. We believe in the power of art to open up spaces for dialogue, to crystallize and change our consciousness, and to help us envision and create a different world.

Current events: We are currently developing an Invitations for artists to create installation with the land (and elsewhere). Stay tuned for the announcement! Sign up for monthly updates, check the website, etc.

(Later maybe a Projects on the Farm section describing installations etc. that people can visit on the walking tour)

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to

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