A Digger's Guide to Medicinal Plants –A. Lockard & A. Q. Swanson
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine – Andrew Chevallier
Herbs – Lesley Bremness
The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods – Michael Murray, ND
Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs – Claire Kowalchik and William Hylton eds.
Medicinal Plants of the World –B. van Wyk & M. Wink
American Medicinal Plants – C. F. Millspaugh
Health Plants of the World –F. Bianchini
Using Plants for Healing –N. Coon
Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs – R. Cech
Making Plant Medicine –R. Cech
Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West –M. Moore
Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West –M. Moore
Wild Edible Plants of Western North America –D. P. Kirk
Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast –Pojar & Mackinnon

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