Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) Non-Native

Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium)

Parts used: aerial parts

Medicinal uses: A good digestive tonic, it stimulates digestive juices, relieves flatulence and colic; a good remedy for headaches and for minor respiratory infections helping to keep fever and congestion in check; a powerful stimulant to the uterine muscle encouraging menstruation; externally it can be sued to relieve itchiness and rheumatic conditions including gout (Chevallier 234).

Additional uses: This plant is well regarded as an insect repellent, for both humans and pets (Kowalchik 413)

Cautions: Do not take during pregnancy or if menstrual bleeding is heavy (Chevallier 234).

Pennyroyal Mentha pulegium

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