Fig (Ficus spp.) Non-Native

Fig (Ficus spp.)

Parts used: fruit, latex

Medicinal uses: Fruit sugars within the fig have a pronounced but gentle laxative effect (especially the dried fruit); syrup of figs is still a mild laxative remedy; the fruits emollient pulp helps relieve pain and inflammation, and has been used to treat tumors, swellings, and gum abscesses – the fruit is often roasted before application; also mildly expectorant and when used with herbs such as Elecampane can treat dry and irritable coughs and bronchitis; the milky latex from the leaves and stems is a reputed analgesic and has been used to treat warts, insect bites and stings

Nutritional information: They are recommended to nourish and tone the intestines due to their high fiber content. Figs are also naturally high in natural simple sugars, and minerals. They are fairly rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and manganese (Murray 275).

Cautions: The latex is toxic and should not be used internally. Applied to the skin, it may cause an allergic reaction to sunlight (Chevallier 211).

Fig Ficus spp

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