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CEDAR 2011: Direct action for the earth

Protester at play

CEDAR 2011 (Cascadians Exploring Dreams, Action & Regeneration) will be convening on June 10th-12th at TLC Farm in Portland.  Our intention is to offer support for those doing work in protecting land and people from exploitation, whatever form it may take.  The weekend will include trainings on self-care and forest defense, support in crafting wise change-making strategies, and a chance to engage with your activist family just by having fun (there'll be ultimate frisbee, a game of Capture the Flag, and a no-talent show bonfire).

So, whether you're a grizzled campaign veteran in need of a recharge, or someone who's never organized an action before, take some time to come out to meet with your extended activist family.

June 10th evening programming: Don't miss our screening of "Shut Down: The Rise and Fall of Direct Action to Stop the War" -- an insiders' account of what went beautifully right and sadly wrong in the lead-up and aftermath of peace activists' successful effort to shut down San Francisco the day after the war in Iraq began.  Discussion chaired by one of the film-makers will follow the screening.

Here's a link to the trailer:

LOGISTICS: We are asking for people to make a contribution of between $15-$50 to participate in this weekend.  No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds.  If you are available to work-trade the day before or the last day (set-up and clean-up), please contact  Please bring your own lunch and a poluck item for dinner on Saturday.  We will run shuttles to People's Co-op (3029 SE 21st Ave) and Barbur Transit Center (9750 SW Barbur Blvd) per the schedule below. 

Cars!  On-site parking is available for cars that bring 3 or more people with them, subject to space availability.  Contact us in advance if you're planning on being such a car.  Go here to offer or request rides:

Camping on-site is available on Saturday night for $10/space, contact before Friday, June 10th to reserve a camping space, please.




Friday, June 10, 8 - 11pm - Screening of "Shut Down" followed by discussion chaired by one of the film-makers.

Rides: Our biodiesel shuttle will pick-up people from People's Co-op (3029 SE 21st Ave) at 6:30pm with a pick-up at Barbur Transit Center following, and deliver them back post-discussion


Saturday, June 11, 10am - Late night - Workshops, skillshares, and conviviality!

9:15 - Shuttle pickup at People's Co-op (3029 SE 21st Ave) with a pick-up at Barbur Transit Center

10am -11am - Opening circle, Consent game

11am - 12noon - Tree Climbing Training / Land Tour / Open Space introduction for afternoon/ potential pickup game of ultimate if desired

12noon - 1pm - Lunch! (Bring your own)

1-5pm - Workshop lineup with open space offerings running in parallel, this means you have a chance to offer your unique workshop to your activist community!

1-2pm - Strategy forum: Support for individual campaigns and general discussion of change-making principles

2-3pm - Physical self-care, offered by the Rosehips Collective ("Herbal Remedies for Common Maladies")

3-4pm - Emotional self-care - personal and interpersonal

4-5pm - Know Your Rights training

5-6:30pm - Capture the Flag

6:30pm - Potluck Dinner!  We'll provide the rice and beans, bring something to share...

7:00pm - Shuttle returns to People's and Barbur Transit Center

8-11:59pm - No-talent show and bonfire

11pm - Shuttle returns to People's and Barbur Transit Center

All those who wish to spend the night please contact before Friday, June 10th to reserve a camping spot!

Rides:  Our biodiesel shuttle will pick-up people from People's Co-op at 9:15am, and make a return run after dinner and late-night.  We will also make shuttle runs to and from Barbur Transit center between 10am and 11am, with dinner and late-night returns

Cars: If you drive and bring three or more people with you, you can park on-site.  Contact to coordinate


Sunday, June 12

9am - BREAKFAST POTLUCK.  We'll provide the oatmeal. :-)
10am - Closing Circle, followed by either, both or none of the following, depending on interest: a field trip to play basketball, a spokescouncil
11:30am - Final shuttles leave for People's Co-op and Barbur Transit Center


CEDAR 2011...because there's nothing sustainable about being pushed around by big corporations.


Earth Magic Skillshare: July 24-25

Jul 24 2010 - 1:00pm - Jul 25 2010 - 5:00pm
Beautiful Farm

Earth Magic Skillshare at TLC Farm:  bring your magic to this co-created event!

Skills to be shared: dance, circle and coalesce around themes of ritual, rewilding, spellwork, plants & medicine, storytelling, divination, political actions, food, directions & elements, rites of passage, trade blankets, altars, songs, and whatever land-based magic you have to share.

We will gather at 1pm on Saturday, July 24th, and disperse at 5pm on Sunday, July 25th.
This is an experiment in gift economy: all kinds of donations welcome (money and other).  please bring food to contribute to our community kitchen!

limited camping available.  please inquire beforehand.
e-mail to let us know you are coming, and what skills you might care to share:
call 518.567.9044 or 617.406.8299 with questions to learn more about us!

ride your bike to the Farm!  we're at 11640 SW Boones Ferry Rd.
or: take the #12 to the Barbur Park and ride, 9712 SW Barbur Blvd.  A shuttle bus will greet you there and bring you to the Farm. (you can carpool there too and park your car.)
the shuttle will leave the Park & Ride at 12:30pm on Saturday, and return at 5:30 pm.  on Sunday, it will leave the P&R at 9:30 am, and return at 5:00pm.


May 8 2010 - 3:00pm - 11:55pm

Bloom 2010:   Tryon Life Community Farm's 6th Annual Spring Benefit

Saturday, May 8th,  2010


 Music  -  Workshops  -  Children's Activities -  Food  -  Community


Omiza River  -  SaraTone & The Earth Gospel Choir  -  Acoustic Minds  -  Watertower Bucket Boys  -  DJ Obe -

Erico Schleicher  -  Maralena Murphy  -  Village Free School  -  The American Center for Sustainability - 

The Cedar Moon Community

and YOU!!! 


Tryon Life Community Farm

Earth Skills Gathering

May 15 2010 - 8:00am - May 16 2010 - 5:00pm
earth skills full page.jpg

Earth Skills Gathering

Saturday and Sunday May 15 & 16th



TIMES: The gathering will begin at 9:00 am on Saturday.  Please be here at or before 9am in order to register for workshops, meet the teachers and orient yourself to the Farm.  Most of the activities of the day will be ending around 5pm.  We invite folk to stay until 8pm on Saturday only!!, and ask that on Sunday everybody depart promptly after the workshops are over.

PARKING: THERE WILL BE NO CAR PARKING ONSITE AT THE FARM OR IN THE PARKING LOT AT THE TOP OF OUR DRIVEWAY!  The only way to arrive at the Farm by car is to park in the Riverdale High School parking lot (it is just down the road from the farm: 9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd.  Portland 97219) and hop onto our shuttle (there will be signs).  Since carpooling is highly recommended, we will allow drivers to drop their passengers at the top of the driveway to the Farm before parking at the high school.

The shuttle will be running every 10 minutes according to the following time schedule:

Saturday: 8am – 11am, 5pm – 6pm, 7pm – 8pm

Sunday: 8am – 10am, 4pm - 6pm (everyone must be off the land by 6pm on Sunday!)

Hint: Riding your bike is a much better option than driving!  Onsite bike parking is available. 


MONEY: THIS EVENT IS NOT FREE!  This is a ‘pay as you are able’ event.  Some workshops will cost money to cover supplies.  This money goes directly to the teachers.  Additionally, TLC Farm will be collecting financial donations.  We are a non-profit organization that needs money in order to survive in the ‘system’.  Until major changes occur in the empire, we still need to pay our mortgage.  We are counting on each Earth Skills Gathering attendee to contribute fair compensation to TLC Farm for the services provided.


FOOD: We will do our best to get food donated for this event, but we will not be able to feed everyone unless YOU bring food for the community kitchen, too!   Food contributions will be served for lunch both days as well as dinner on Saturday for those who choose to stay for the evening.  If you have food allergies/intolerances/concerns, feel free to pack your own picnic lunch & snacks to bring along.  There is also a New Seasons grocery store a mile and a half up the road (walking distance).  


CHILDREN: There is NOT childcare provided at the Earth Skills Gathering.  We are arranging the schedule of events so that throughout the day there are workshop options that are child-friendly, but children under the age of 10 MUST be accompanied by an adult.  Parents are responsible to know where your children are AT ALL TIMES.  This is a working farm with potential hazards as well as garden and animal care that is delicate and nuanced.  Children are NOT permitted to run wild on the land. 


DOGS: ALL dogs MUST be on leashes AT ALL TIMES.  No exceptions.


CAMPING: There is limited tent camping available only for those who make reservations ahead of time (before Friday the 14th).  The cost of camping is a sliding scale: $10 - $25 for the weekend (Friday and/or Saturday nights.  NO CAMPING ON SUNDAY NIGHT.)  We do not have space for any campers/trailers/rv’s – tent camping only!!  For details about parking, setting up, timing, etc… or to make a camping reservation, please email Kelly at:


REQUESTS:  If you have firewood to contribute to this event, please bring some along (especially if you will be working on hides or sharing a skill that requires fire).  Also, we are putting a call out to anyone with brains [extra brains - for brain tanning].  If you have hides that you are working on (at any stage in the process), feel free to bring them.  We will have a space set up for hide tanning.

Please note that there is a 23 person intentional community at TLC Farm.  Although there will be a few workshops that take place on the south end of the land, the majority of the Earth Skills Gathering activity will be focused in the area that we call the Village Green.  This is the northern-most area that has the fire pit, the outdoor kitchen, the composting toilets, and multiple other covered areas.  We have a commitment to the people who live in the community to keep our energy/activity/noise, etc… focused in the Village Green so as not to disrupt the daily lives of those living on the land.  Please do not enter any of the private residences (any building with a door except for the upstairs barn office, composting toilets, sauna and greenhouse).      

THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT!  This means: NO SMOKING (except in the designated areas at the very bottom or top of the driveway), NO ALCOHOL AND NO NUDITY.  Please be aware of the language that you use and the energy that you bring.

Many Blessings,

TLC Farm Crew

TEACHERS: Someone will be available all day on Friday (the 14th) at the Farm in order for you to come and drop off supplies, etc…  We are happy to show you what space you’ll be working in so that you can let us know of any arrangements or needs that we can accommodate for you.



May 9 2009 - 1:00pm - 11:55pm

You are invited to BLOOM at TLC Farm!

Bloom 2009: Tryon Life Community Farm's 5th Annual Spring Benefit - - - - - - - THIS SATURDAY, May 9th, 1:00pm-MIDNIGHT - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Music - Workshops - Food - Community - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -THIS IS A BENEFIT FOR TRYON LIFE COMMUNITY FARM - - - - - - Join us on THIS Saturday May 9th at Tryon Life Community Farm for an all day benefit celebration! At the forefront of turning vision into action, we will educate, celebrate, demonstrate, and co-create in this Permaculture haven and seven-acre preserved green space within the city of Portland. This is a No Alcohol Event Sliding Scale: $10-$30 (worktrade Biking & Carpooling strongly encouraged. Shuttle Provided: Please Park @ Riverdale High School - 9727 SW Terwilliger-PDX-97219.

**MUSIC Schedule**


  • 2:30-3:30pm Backyard Chicken Workshop with Sue Romas: Been thinking about getting chickens? Now is the perfect time! Find out the basics about backyard chicken keeping and get your questions answered. We'll visit all of TLC Farm's awesome DIY chicken set up, from homemade incubator to chicken tractor to layer-house-on-wheels.
  • 3:45-4:45pm Medicinal Herb Walk around TLC Farm and Tryon Creek State Park, with Judy BlueHorse Skelton: An acclaimed native educator and herbalist, Judy will introduce many native and cultivated herbs and discuss their healing qualities.
  • 5:00-6:00pm Educational Tour of TLC Farm with Jenny Leis: Our most enthusiastic and informative tour guide, Jenny will teach about TLC Farm's history, education programs and innovative approaches to sustainable building and community.

**Plant Sale** The Portland based non-profit, The American Center for Sustainability's Plant Project will be supporting Tryon Life Community Farm this Spring at Bloom! For the past two years, the ACS Plant Project has supported garden sites throughout the Portland community and surrounding areas by providing over 50,000 free plant starts. In 2009, the ACS Plant Project has expanded our region of service to include garden sites throughout Oregon. In neighboring cities and rural communities, from Portland to Medford and out to Pendleton, ACS has the privilege of supporting projects who are committed to achieving sustainability through healthy food production. ACS is excited to grow our partnership with Tryon Life Community Farm at this year's Bloom event. Please come and support the farm and ACS through a bountiful Plant Sale filled with 50 varieties of herbs, flowers, and edible plant starts! **Event Sponsors** KBOO - Earth Abstract Project - Tastebud - LuLu's Raw Chocolate Alchemy - The American Center for Sustainability - This is a family friendly / alcohol-free event; food and drink not included in admission price. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Special Thanks to Rob Pellicer for design and love. – - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Harvest Festival & Benefit Auction - Sept. 19

Sep 19 2009 - 3:00pm - Sep 20 2009 - 12:00am
Harvest Fest fun!

You're invited to Tryon Life Community Farm's Annual Harvest Festival!
Saturday, September 19th from 3pm-midnight
(rain or shine - we're prepared for all possible weather events!)

The Harvest Fest has something for everyone, including:
Live music-
Omiza River -
Max Ribner & Friends -
Ate Bit -
Right On John -

Pie-baking contest -
Bring your favorite pie for the group to share, with prizes for the favorite sweet and savory pies.

Live auction & raffle -
See below for full descriptions of the live auction items. . .

Other activities include:
Mushroom workshop with Jordan Weiss
Kids Craft projects and puppet show
Apple Cider Press

We will be serving pizza from the Cob Oven, as well as other yummy treats!

$10-20 sliding scale (food not included)

Biking & Carpooling strongly encouraged.
Shuttle Provided: Please Park @ Riverdale High School - 9727 SW Terwilliger-PDX-97219.

This is a benefit for TLC Farm's community sustainability education programs.
[worktrade available - volunteer for two hours to get in free. Contact for more information]

Event Schedule:
3 pm - doors open
3:30-5 - Omiza River
4:30-5:30 - Mushroom Workshop
5:30 - Right-on John
7 - Farm presentation and Live Auction
8-9:30 - Max Ribner & Friends
10 - 11:30 - Ate Bit

Live Auction Items:
Enjoy the beautiful Edgefield, with one night's lodging for two in a Queen room with a shared-bath. The Edgefiled is located in Troutdale, right at the mouth of the Columbia Gorge.
Donor: McMenamin's

Treat yourself to a mid-week stay at Breitenbush Hot Springs resort – one night for two, or two nights for one. This includes a cabin, three delicious organic meals and use of the amazing hotsprings and sauna.
Donated by: Breitenbush Hot Springs

Spend the weekend in a quaint cabin surrounded by with old growth, next to a rushing creek. It has a little bedroom with a double bed, sofabed in the main room, and a loft. There is a wood stove for heat, and an electric stove for cooking. Near the Zigzag River and a ten minute walk to Rhododendron.
Enjoy your retreat with two bottles of exceptional Willamette Valley Pinot Noir from Helvetia Vineyard.
Donated by: Brett VandenHuevel, Ben Haile and Helvetia Vineyard.

Have a lovely night with a $40 gift certificate for Pastini Pastaria, two bottles of Montinore Pinot Gris, and
twelve artisan truffles from Wingnut Confections
Donated by: Pastini, Montinore Estates, Wingnut Confections

Have your next birthday/retirement/anniversary/just for fun party at TLC Farm. We'll provide pizza dough, sauce and baking as well as use of the outdoor kitchen and Village Green for up to 5 hours for you and 20 guests.
Donated by: Tryon Life Community Farm

A pampering and empowering tutorial on making your own facial care products. From the home garden and cupbord we will create a facial steam blend and mask tailored to the skin types of the womb-en attending. We will do facial steams and massages on each other. You may bring wine, hors-d'oeuvres, tarot cards, womb-en's poetry, or other additions to this relaxing and beautiful sisterly occasion.
donated by: Lena Moon

Bring the amazing harmonies and inspiring lyrics of Omiza River to your home or favorite venue for an evening of musical enchantment
Proceeds from this item support the Mother Earth School
donated by: Keith & Tanyia Hall

Moon Blossom: Girls' Rites of Passage Camp

Repeats every day until Sat Aug 01 2009 .
Jul 28 2009 - 10:00am - 4:00pm
Jul 29 2009 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

This summer TLC Farm will be hosting a special program for girls on their journey to becoming young women. Moon Blossom is a rite of passage designed for girls ages 9-14. The girls will be engaged in self-discovery through crafting, making music, working in the garden, hiking, cooking, and exploring tools to build self esteem. Within a positive, girl-focused community, we will connect with the natural world, and consider what it means to be coming of age as a woman in today's world.

We will gather in the beautiful outdoors daily 10-4pm Tues-Thurs, Friday overnight and we end with the parents joining us on Saturday noon-2pm.

  • hike outdoors
  • make spirit dolls
  • make plant medicine
  • play music in drum circle
  • hold girls council
  • storytelling around campfire
  • experience sweat ceremony
  • journal, go within and reflect
  • and more!

Camp Dates:

  • July 27-31 ages: 11-14 (sign up by July 1st)
  • Aug 24-28 ages: 9-12 (sign up by Aug 1st)
  • Cost: $350-250 sliding scale as needed

    Sign up now! : contact or call 503-944-9312

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