TLC Farm Seeking Experienced Canvassers


(Please send cover letter and resume to by Tue, Nov 17, 2009. Be sure to include 2-3 relevant references. Later applications may be considered, depending on our need.)

TLC Farm is a 501(c)3 non-profit sustainability education center, occupying 7 acres of land nestled into Tryon Creek State Park in SW Portland. We are seeking experienced canvassers to deepen our relationships with existing and potential allies and donors, primarily in our extended neighborhood. Work will begin as soon as possible, and will run through the holiday season.

Work conditions:
* $8.40/hour basepay as employee
* 40% commission on donations in excess of quota ($100 per night)
* 5 hours per day: 4:30-9:30pm
* At least 2 days per week; preferably more
* Enter own data

Successful candidates will:
* Have proven experience in related work
* Be self-managed, creative, invested, and committed to TLC Farm's values and goals
* Be skilled at collaborating with team to design turfs, improve raps & materials, and improve outcomes
* Prioritize long-term relationships with neighbors over short-term income

We strongly prefer candidates with:
* Knowledge of TLC Farm's programs and history (or, secondarily, similar projects)
* Experience and/or roots in Burlingame/Lake Oswego area (or, secondarily, similar demographic)
* Demonstrated commitment to and experience with permaculture design, sustainable living, organic agriculture, youth education, natural building, and other TLC Farm program areas

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