Community Sustainability Immersion Program Application

Bloom 2008- Making Falafel

Please copy and paste the following application questions into a word processing program, and then send to Matt and Brenna at once completed. We look forward to hearing from you!

TLC Farm’s Sustainable Community Program: 2010 Intern Application

1. Personal Information Name: Address: E-mail: Phone number: Date of birth:

2. Please provide us with a ~1 page autobiographical essay to let us know where you're coming from (geographically and experientially).

3. Why do you think the TLC Farm Intern program is a good fit for you? What attracted you to the program?

4. How do you envision implementing the concepts, knowledge and skills learned during the Community Sustainability program when you return home?

5. What is your previous experience “roughing it”, ie living in tents, off the grid, without many modern conveniences or prepared foods, etc? Does this sound appealing or appalling?

6. Please describe any health issues, allergies or dietary restrictions.

7. Do you have experience living in community? How do you approach and resolve conflict?

8. How did you learn about the Sustainable Community Immersion program?

9. Please provide any other information you would like us to know.

Work-trade scholarship applicants:

1. Please explain your current financial situation and why you are qualified for a work-trade scholarship.

2. Please rank your preferences of the following work-trade positions  Food Coordinator:  Scribe (creating and maintianing the program blog):

3. What skills do you possess that make you well qualified for your preferred position?

4. How would you address a situation in which a fellow intern refused to cooperate with your allocated duties?

5. How do you envision your duties fitting in with your overall internship experience?

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to