TLC Farm as a non-profit organization has accomplished a great deal with very little operating income. At the same time, we have raised a very large amount of money in order to protect the land we occupy from development (see our history). An important part of our "open source" approach to this project is making the accounting for our operations as accessible as possible. As this web site matures, we are placing current and archive financial statements and budgets here.

Our basic financial reports for all years of our existence are attached to this page below. These include:

  • IRS 990 returns for 2006 - 2014, and
  • financial statements for a sampling of reporting periods.
tlcfarm.990+skedA.2014.pdf423.29 KB
tlcfarm.990+skedA.2013.pdf403.25 KB
2013.April.TLC.income.bydept.pdf3.28 KB
tlcfarm.990+skeds.2012.pdf393.62 KB
TLCFarm.990a.2011.pdf394.48 KB
TLCFarm.990a.2010.pdf411.86 KB
2010.financials.provisional.pdf77.35 KB
990EZ.2009.+skedA.nosig_.pdf331.63 KB
2009.final_.financials.pdf68.42 KB KB KB
irs.990.2007.+skedA.pdf176.83 KB
2007.final_.financials.xls757.5 KB
irs.990.2006.+skedA.pdf304.68 KB

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