For the last several years, TLC Farm went into hibernation mode due to the pandemic, but this year, we're relaunching ways to reconnect with the land and community!

Are you ready to learn new skills? Spend more time in nature? Grow relationships with allies and mentors?

We are recruiting people like you to help build and expand old and new projects.

TLC Farm brings people together to root into relationships with each other and the land, by sharing tools for community-based sustainability and social change, and tending resilient ecosystems.

We offer a living, breathing organizational ecology in which to practice new modes of being and doing; trainings in practical skills and critical wisdoms; relationships with elders and youngers to help you grow into crews, collectives, and communities.

When you get involved with TLC…

You’re not simply a volunteer, but also a participant that is supporting a project, engaging with the land, and cultivating community.

You are helping to build a new world that you are an integral piece of.

We need people like you to make it all happen.


Ways to Get Involved

The sky's the limit!

There are opportunities big and small, depending on your desires and dreams.

We have many ways to plug in, whether you're looking for a short one-time commitment, offering ongoing support, or something in between.

We need participants to help with specific tasks, such as land tending, natural building, rebuilding physical infrastructure, invasive species removal, and native species plantings (just to name a few).

We also have ongoing roles available in areas of event hosting, outreach, rebuilding the education department, admin work, and more.

If you have specific skills you can offer, that's great! If you are not sure, no worries – you can still contribute. We welcome all walks of life and offer trainings and support for all volunteer participants.

Want to get involved? Attending a work party is the easiest way to get plugged in and learn more.

Work parties are group activities out at TLC Farm that usually focus on land work. Anyone can join! Don't worry about not having the skills to help – we will provide guidance and support for the tasks at hand.

Check the calendar for upcoming work party events and sign up on our email list to get updates for future events.

Upcoming Cohort 

Our bigger participant picture involves gathering a group of people together with the intention to dive deeper into involvement at TLC.

The group will first attend a program that involves trainings in BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ relations, group skills of nonhierarchical organizing, and skill building. From there, we will form into teams that take on a project or role at the farm and practice our skills.

Contact the Engagement Coordinator if you're interested in joining the cohort.

How to Get Involved:

Attend a work party! Join the upcoming cohort! Come to an action meeting!

If you have any questions, contact Melissa, the engagement coordinator at

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to