Start your own project

Anyone can propose a project, and it can take any form as long it meets the following criteria:

  • It furthers the mission of TLC Farm.
  • It has a co-creative accountability structure – that is, there's an agreed process (no matter how intuitive and dynamic) for taking next steps, evaluating outcomes, and supporting follow-through. This includes an oversight relationship with one or more mentors and/or WGs.
  • Its scope, resource budget, and plans are proposed to and approved by the relevant WGs.

This is how the living, breathing work of TLC Farm happens, and our focus is on figuring more and better ways to help different kinds of people become more effective, more healed, and more aligned with spirit and the earth.

Once you've got an idea and (some of) the people to make it happen, contact to take the next step by making a proposal at a working group or spokescouncil meeting!

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to