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2019 Calendar of Events

Animal Husbandry Workshop, VBC May 2008

2019 Calendar of Events at TLC Farm:

Monthly Movie Night! 

Join us each month at 7 pm for a movie in the yurt, with homemade snacks & drinks.  Movie nights will be on December 19th, January 16th, February 20th, March 27th, April 17th, May 15th (check back for specific movies). Donations gladly accepted!

brush pruningSpring Workshops (February & March): 
Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop, February 16, 1-4 pm
Fruit trees - especially apples and pears, and to a lesser extent, plums - thrive with yearly pruning to encourage fruit production and minimize bough breakage and disease.  Late winter is the perfect time to prune for structure and fruiting; we'll discuss and demonstrate examples of how to train and prune young trees, repair years of neglect in mature trees, and how to maintain a balance of fruiting wood and young growth. Bring your own sharp loppers or secateurs if you want to practice!

$25 suggested donation (no one turned away for lack of funds). To register, or for more information, contact

As TLC Farm's orchardist, brush has been tending fruit trees at TLC Farm for twelve years. He is especially infatuated with the heirloom cider apples trees, and can tell you about all 54 varieties of apples that grow on the land.
Herbal Worklshop: Spring Tonics, Sunday March 31st 11am-2pm  
Participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with our wonderfully abundant spring tonic herbs growing all around us this time of year. Learn about the medicinal properties and wide range of uses of spring tonic herbs like Dandelion, Burdock, Cleavers, and Nettles and get hands on experience making medicinal preparations you can take home with you.
Do-it-Ourselves Mushroom Cultivation, Sunday April 28th 11am-3pm 
Participants will learn the basic steps and get hands on experience  cultivating species of edible and medicinal Mushrooms using low-tech, low cost techniques.  In this workshop we'll walk through the process of growing grain spawn and ways to expand it onto a variety of substrates for both  indoor and outdoor cultivation using readily available and repurposed materials.
Bloom Community Celebration - Late May
Apple Festival  - September, near the Fall Equinox

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