Natural Building Workparties - Spring/Summer 2017

Mini Moon

Background: the Mini Moon is a 200 sq. ft. light-straw clay and cob building. It was started May 2016 (background story and photos here) and at this point the straw-clay walls are done but the round “cozy cob corner” is not yet built. In May-June 2016 we will be earthen plastering the inside and outside straw-clay walls, and building the earthen floor. Late July through September will be cob, finish plastering and carpentry.

If folks are interested, I can put together a slideshow sharing the story of building this DIY house. Almost 200 people have volunteered so far – this house has fantastic community energy in its walls so come add your sparkle to our lovely mud.

All workparties are open to folks of any skill level, and we always try to have an activity for kiddos (or they can explore the farm, if old enough to be on their own).

For more information or to RSVP for a workparty, contact Jenny:; 503-548-8459, or look at TLC Farm’s Facebook page for event info.


May 13-14 (event page here): Cut and nail plywood sheathing on outside of house. Light-straw clay at top edge of maple pole. And lots of earthen plastering inside and outside. Please RSVP on event page.

May 20-21: Saturday, May 20 is TLC Farm’s annual Bloom festival (Bloom event page here), at which I'll host a couple hours of natural building workparty doing plastering. Sunday, May 21st will be a special earthen plastering workpartywith my parents! Come meet them! Please RSVP on event page. (May 21 event page here)

May 27-28 (event page here): More plastering, and VBC prep. Please RSVP.

June 3-4-5: Village Building Convergence Barn Raising! Join a momentous moment – the VBC’s first earthen floor workparties!Saturday, June 3rd is the big “barn raising” day: we need you! We will be moving a huge pile of river rock into the house to be drainage under earthen floor. Let’s put the party into the work! Live music, awesome food, superb people, lots of smiles. On Sunday, June 4th we will be installing the perlite insulation under the floor. At the same time we will be working on the earthen plaster on the outside of the house, so if you are unable to move rocks, you can help make plaster or smear it onto the walls. There is a place for everyone! PLEASE RSVP and find updated info at the Facebook event page for this weekend.

June 10-11: Part two of the VBC workparty for the earthen floor: we will be mixing the first layer of floor and laying it down! We can also continue plastering the outside of the house.  PLEASE RSVP and find updated info at the Facebook event page for this weekend.

We will be building a curved 18-ft cob wall (with four differently-sized windows!) and doing finish plaster on the walls and earthen floor. We are also looking for skilled volunteers to help build the roof over the cob wall.
July 15-16
Aug 5-6
Aug 12-13
Aug 19-20 (maybe; this is eclipse weekend)
And every weekend in September!

Again, for more information or to RSVP for a workparty, contact Jenny Leis:; 503-548-8459.

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to