Welcome to Tryon Life Community Farm!

Farm goats!

As the shape of society keeps changing, TLC Farm has closed to visitors during the "shelter in place" guidance.  This was a hard decision, as this land provides so many people with a place of connection and grounding. For the health and well-being of our residential land partners, which include vulnerable elders, it seems wise.  We are especially sad to close the land right now because our baby goats are being born and few things provide the joy and comfort of baby goats! 

While this feels a bit awkward while we have closed the land, we ask for your help. TLC Farm's major sources of income are public events, workshops, and Willow Creek Forest School (the outdoor preschool).  All of these have ceased for the foreseeable future. To help bridge this financial gap, would you consider becoming a "Friend of the Farm" with a monthly donation of $10 or more? Your support now helps ensure the land will be here for you, for all of us, in that time when we can come together again, take hands and be grateful for just being together. 


TLC Farm is a seven-acre land project and non-profit event center, surrounded by the beautiful forest of Tryon Creek State Park. Our public Village Green includes a large yurt, outdoor kitchen, tea house, bonfire area, earthen buildings, stage and Portland's first public composting toilets. The majority of the land is open space, including gardens, orchards, chicken and goat areas, and fields. (Houses on the land host independent residential collectives, Cedar Moon and the Sacred Lands Alliance.)

TLC Farm is a unique community-created venue for public and private events -- great for workshops, retreats, weddings, birthdays, meetings, parties and more.

We also teach workshops and lead educational field trips, and host regular workparties and community events.

Our Willow Creek Forest School is an outdoor, place-based farm and forest kindergarten for children ages 3-5, from September to June.

TLC Farm programs and land tending is completely community created and run by volunteers and donations. Thank you for your participation!


Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to web@tryonfarm.org