CEDAR 2011: Direct action for the earth

Protester at play

CEDAR 2011 (Cascadians Exploring Dreams, Action & Regeneration) will be convening on June 10th-12th at TLC Farm in Portland.  Our intention is to offer support for those doing work in protecting land and people from exploitation, whatever form it may take.  The weekend will include trainings on self-care and forest defense, support in crafting wise change-making strategies, and a chance to engage with your activist family just by having fun (there'll be ultimate frisbee, a game of Capture the Flag, and a no-talent show bonfire).

So, whether you're a grizzled campaign veteran in need of a recharge, or someone who's never organized an action before, take some time to come out to meet with your extended activist family.

June 10th evening programming: Don't miss our screening of "Shut Down: The Rise and Fall of Direct Action to Stop the War" -- an insiders' account of what went beautifully right and sadly wrong in the lead-up and aftermath of peace activists' successful effort to shut down San Francisco the day after the war in Iraq began.  Discussion chaired by one of the film-makers will follow the screening.

Here's a link to the trailer: www.youtube.com/embed/znfPrP-uRgQ

LOGISTICS: We are asking for people to make a contribution of between $15-$50 to participate in this weekend.  No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds.  If you are available to work-trade the day before or the last day (set-up and clean-up), please contact outreach@tryonfarm.org.  Please bring your own lunch and a poluck item for dinner on Saturday.  We will run shuttles to People's Co-op (3029 SE 21st Ave) and Barbur Transit Center (9750 SW Barbur Blvd) per the schedule below. 

Cars!  On-site parking is available for cars that bring 3 or more people with them, subject to space availability.  Contact us in advance if you're planning on being such a car.  Go here to offer or request rides: tryonfarm.org/share/rideshare

Camping on-site is available on Saturday night for $10/space, contact cedar@tryonfarm.org before Friday, June 10th to reserve a camping space, please.




Friday, June 10, 8 - 11pm - Screening of "Shut Down" followed by discussion chaired by one of the film-makers.

Rides: Our biodiesel shuttle will pick-up people from People's Co-op (3029 SE 21st Ave) at 6:30pm with a pick-up at Barbur Transit Center following, and deliver them back post-discussion


Saturday, June 11, 10am - Late night - Workshops, skillshares, and conviviality!

9:15 - Shuttle pickup at People's Co-op (3029 SE 21st Ave) with a pick-up at Barbur Transit Center

10am -11am - Opening circle, Consent game

11am - 12noon - Tree Climbing Training / Land Tour / Open Space introduction for afternoon/ potential pickup game of ultimate if desired

12noon - 1pm - Lunch! (Bring your own)

1-5pm - Workshop lineup with open space offerings running in parallel, this means you have a chance to offer your unique workshop to your activist community!

1-2pm - Strategy forum: Support for individual campaigns and general discussion of change-making principles

2-3pm - Physical self-care, offered by the Rosehips Collective ("Herbal Remedies for Common Maladies")

3-4pm - Emotional self-care - personal and interpersonal

4-5pm - Know Your Rights training

5-6:30pm - Capture the Flag

6:30pm - Potluck Dinner!  We'll provide the rice and beans, bring something to share...

7:00pm - Shuttle returns to People's and Barbur Transit Center

8-11:59pm - No-talent show and bonfire

11pm - Shuttle returns to People's and Barbur Transit Center

All those who wish to spend the night please contact cedar@tryonfarm.org before Friday, June 10th to reserve a camping spot!

Rides:  Our biodiesel shuttle will pick-up people from People's Co-op at 9:15am, and make a return run after dinner and late-night.  We will also make shuttle runs to and from Barbur Transit center between 10am and 11am, with dinner and late-night returns

Cars: If you drive and bring three or more people with you, you can park on-site.  Contact outreach@tryonfarm.org to coordinate


Sunday, June 12

9am - BREAKFAST POTLUCK.  We'll provide the oatmeal. :-)
10am - Closing Circle, followed by either, both or none of the following, depending on interest: a field trip to play basketball, a spokescouncil
11:30am - Final shuttles leave for People's Co-op and Barbur Transit Center


CEDAR 2011...because there's nothing sustainable about being pushed around by big corporations.


Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to web@tryonfarm.org