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It's important for all of us to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can. So thanks deeply for offering or requesting a rideshare to TLC Farm!

Please indicate whether you are offering or requesting a ride with the specified number of spaces available.
Please enter the date and time your ride is offered or wanted, using the drop-down menus.
Enter a meetup location for driver and rider(s) to meet. We encourage using central, highly frequented places like Peoples Food Co-op (SE 21st & Tibbetts), Alberta Co-op (NE 15th and Alberta), or Food Front Co-op (NW 24th and Thurman).
Enter the number of spaces requested or offered. For drivers: the spaces must all have seatbelts.
Please indicate how to contact you. (If you'd prefer not to leave phone number or email, you can indicate the clothes you'll be wearing, etc., to ensure you're able to connect at the location.) Feel free to include any other relevant information.

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