Review of 2022!

Shroom Show

We were so excited to start welcoming people back to the land this year!  Along with all the folks who wander onto the land from their hike in Tryon Creek State Park, or families whose children attended summer camp or the out-door pre-school, or Lewis & Clark students who've heard rumors of this land and come check it out . . . .along with all these folks (and others), TLC Farm is a place where people come for education and events.

Here is a sampling of some of the happenings on the land this year:

March: Community seed swap and cider tasting.

April: Two mushroom cultivation workshops.

May: Fuse Theater Ensemble held a creative retreat (planting the spores that would become The Shroom Show!); a girl scout troop used the land to prepare for their first hike and camp-out; a seven year-old birthday party!; a tour with the Friendship Force.

June: Two high school groups came for educational tours and service projects; 350PDX donor appreciation evening, two weeks of summer camp, path tending work parties.

July: Funeral for a most beloved dog; SunrisePDX forest defense team meeting; reunion for Cedar Moon land stewards, three weeks of summer camp; natural building work parties.

August: Shade Equity coalition meeting; Pacific NW Forest Climate Alliance steering committee retreat; two weeks of summer camp.

September: Willow Creek Forest School pre-school starts; Fuse Theater's Shroom Show played four nights a week, all month long; Apple Fest returns.

October: All Families Welcome pre-school visits; ten year-old birthday party.

November: Land tending work party, girl scout troop field trip.

What's next?  Share your ideas, bring your class or host your next event here at TLC Farm!



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