SHROOM SHOW - September 9 - October 2

Shroom Show.jpg

Once again, TLC Farm will be the stage for an original play that travels throughout the land bringing the audience with it (some of you may remember The Book of Pagan LaLaLa or the 24 hour play festival from years back).  We are so happy to host Fuse Theater for Fuse’s latest original work anchored in the ecology of Fungi; the mysterious, adorable, disgusting, and often terror-laden kingdom that’s been trending in humans lately. Learn more about the show, the ensemble and ticket information. 

​From Fuse's description of the play: "Last Spring, we took our collective medicine: we restarted our training where 2020 brought us – outdoors – and dove into research on fungi, both biological and physical, through our various training modalities. Part variety show, part educational guided tour, part treasure hunt, part opera, part forest-hike, part day-trip, part hero's journey, SHROOM SHOW is the organic and highly nutritious product of months of experimentation and collaboration between a small, evolving cast and a vibrant, ever-expanding production team."


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