Summer Camps at TLC Farm

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It's time to register for summer camp with Willow Creek Forest School!

This summer, we're offering three weeks of nature immersion summer camp and a special three day, two night Right of Passage camp for boys.  For more details and registration information, visit Willow Creek Forest School's website.

Nature immersion Summer Camps

  • June 21-25: Natural Science

  • July 19-23: Art and Crafts

  • August 16-20: Woodland Forest Fun

All three weeks of camp are for kids ages 3-7, 9:30am-2:30pm, $300 per week.

Special Overight Camp: Boys will be . . . A Right of Passage Camp

July 16th - 18th (including two overnights)

During these three days and two overnights, a band of brothers will turn their eyes outward, and inward. They will look to the forest, and its wildness, as a guide. We will listen to birds, track deer, drum and sing, explore the dark, tell stories, and pay attention. We will be flexible with different comfort levels and skills.

10:00am Fiday -3:00pm Sunday, for boyish people ages 10 to 12. $300 (but available to all who truly wish to participate)


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