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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women USA hit the ground running 3 yrs ago and never looked back. Our women go missing at 4 times the rates of other races. On some (Yakama and Montana) it is 10 times the normal rate. Over the 3 years we have been operational we have helped over 300 families with all kinds of thing like funeral/headstone or any other bills they have related to the MMIW incident. We fill gaps that society has left us with.

Having said that we are starting a new program. Staying Sacred Protection Camp is geared for our little girls and teenagers. The best medicine is "preventative medicine" and that's what Staying Sacred is all about. At the camp out we will be rolling out a lesson on self defense, trafficking awareness, saying no means no, cultural crafting, generational trauma and most important is how we build empowerment through our culture and how to hold on to that as we rebuild our society and set the tone for the next 7 Generations. 
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MMIWUSA is fiscally sponsored by TLC Farm, which also hosts the Staying Sacred program and other activities. Donations on this page are 100% tax deductible. If tax deductions are not an issue, you may also donate directly via gofundme, at .

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