Job Posting - Youth Education Coordinator

Class of small kids in a circle

Tryon Life Community Farm Hands-on Youth Sustainability Program
Program Administrator and Volunteer Coordinator Job Description

Application Deadline: Sept. 15th

Responsibilities Include:
- Outreach for and promotion of TLC Farm's Youth Education Program,
including updating outreach materials and distributing to schools and
youth programs
- Scheduling field trips, via phone & internet
- Recruiting, training and scheduling volunteer teachers (training
materials already exist)
- Maintaining & updating education program supplies and curriculum
- Some fundraising for the expansion and continuation of projects.

Note: this is not primarily a teaching position. The coordinator will only teach classes when other volunteers cannot be scheduled.

October– June, with December and January off
10-15 hours a week, $15 an hour. Hours are flexible, with mandatory meetings every other Wednesday niaght from 7-9.

Ideal applicants will have a background in sustainability education with significant experience with volunteer training and management. Applicants should also have experience in self-motivated work environments, must be very organized and be good communicators.

Please send a cover letter and resume with three references, preferably with two that can speak to the applicant's previous experience in education and volunteer coordination. Send your application materials to Please visit or call 503-245-3847 for more information about the positions and programs.

About TLC Farm's Hands-on Sustainability Program
TLC Farm is a very unique educational site: 5 acres of farmland surrounded by the 700 acre forest of Tryon Creek State Park, with a residential farm community that tends chickens, goats, sheep & bees and upkeeps the land. The entire farm and forest are the classrooms for field trips, and TLC Farm's educational programs are almost entirely taught outdoors, except in inclement weather when we use our historic barn as classroom space.

TLC Farm staff and trained volunteers lead field trips from schools and youth organizations, providing creative, hands-on educational experiences for students. Not only are participants in the field, each trip involves hands-on projects. Activity themes are flexible based on the group’s interest and need, and fall into these categories:

1.Farm Tour: a general overview of demonstration projects at TLC Farm including natural building, gardening, water and waste management, habitat restoration, and community. development.
2.Natural Building: building with cob, a traditional structural material of clay, sand, straw, and water.
3.Ecological gardening: includes activities on soil, food systems, medicinal plants, and permaculture, along with hands-on gardening tasks.
4.Watershed Restoration & Ecology: includes a variety of restoration techniques, plant identification & uses, the water cycle, and human influences on watersheds.
5.Art & Craft of Sustainable Living: including activities on making food and other environmental arts & crafts.

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to