Parking lot work party July 11, 10-2

after the work party.jpg


Weekend work parties to build the new parking lot all Summer!

Are you interested in DIY construction projects and green infrastructure? Do you want to get a good workout outdoors and in community? Have you ever driven here and had no idea where to park? Or are you curious about TLC Farm and want to come visit? Join us for Phase 2 of the great parking lot build to answer your questions.

What we are doing:

We are filling biobags with sand, dirt and organic materials. These bags will become the retention wall of the new parking lot. We will be digging, mixing, and filling. Expect to be physically active and to get dirty.


Drop in event - next work party from 10-2 pm on July 11th.


Kid Friendly! Bring a water bottle, gloves (we have some, if you don't), and a mask. These are covid safer events. All activities are done outside.This parking lot will create space for families, elderly people, and people of all body abilities to safely and easily access theland.

Contact Malia at for more information.

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to