The Land is Here for you

aerial view of the land

This is a strange and scary time. Our daily rhythms have changed and keep changing becasue of COVID-19. We are worried for our friends, families, and for all those we don't know who may be struggling with illness or economic hardship. Our sources of comfort that are rooted in community & congregation are not available. But, the land is here for you.

Outside, under the trees, in the park, and here at Tryon Life Community Farm, the land still welcomes us to walk, observe, listen, and to regain our emotional footing in an unstable time. While we are not planning any events this month,  TLC Farm folks invite you to come walk the land, visit the goats (babies are due next week!), duck into Tryon Creek State Park to enjoy the blooming trilliums, and take a deep breath.

There is plenty of space here that folks can keep appropriate distance (we'll wave 
at each other across the garden!) and plenty of life here to remind us that we're not alone in this crisis.  The beautiful land, in all its abundance, is sharing comfort and connection with us.  Drop in for a visit from 10am - 6pm, any day but Monday. 

Sending love, care and community your way, 
Brenna, and the rest of the folk at TLC Farm

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