Ethnobotany Education Program


We're SO excited to introduce a new focus for our Hands-on Sustainability Education Program.  Introducing:

Beyond Nature as Backdrop: Interactive Ethnobotany Education will provide students from k-12 with field trips to explore the importance of plants, native and cultivated, for food, medicine, and more. . . 

 TLC Farm is adding a curriculum focus on ethnobotany to our Hands-on Sustainability Education program. This project in direct response to the high level of enthusiasm we have seen in field trip participants when introduced to the idea of creating their own plant-based medicines and crafts.  

Through TLC Farm's Hands-on Sustainability education focus on ethnobotany, students, teachers and parent participants will learn more about the native plants that the Tualatin Kalapuya (the first peoples in our watershed) used for food, medicine and materials, and will also learn about medicinal herbs from around the world that now grow on this land.  We have observed that the simple act of learning plants that can provide sustenance and healing has enabled participants to view the world in a wholly new way.  Food, medicine and materials become something that one can grow or gather oneself or in one's community – not things where the means of production and access are controlled by outside forces.  

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