Herbalism for Intentional Communities


This six-weekend program is designed for members of intentional communities to learn the skills for sharing herbs and addressing the health needs of the collective experience with plant medicines.

The goal of the course is to bring herbal medicine back to its function as a group activity for communities to use to engage fully in sustainable relationships with the plants of their bioregion. The skills taught in the course are intended to be shared amongst all community members in such a way that taking care of each other can be a collective activity: making medicines together, taking herbs together, gardening and harvesting together, and healing together. We are seeking to generate the tools for off-the-grid health care that moves beyond the practitioner-client relationship, restoring the tribal method of healing as a community endeavor.

We are restoring herbal medicine as a collaborative act of promoting community health from within. Off-the-grid healthcare that everyone in a community can participate in. “Healthy communities take care of community health.”

Taught by local herbalists Erico Schleicher, Rebecca Reeder, and others


Curriculum is oriented towards community herbalism, including classes in botany of Northwest medicinal plants, harvesting and gardening, therapeutic actions, cooking with herbs, herbal first aid, medicine making as community ritual, and taking herbs as a shared experience. We will focus on identifying needs of community that can be addressed with plant medicines, such as first aid, shared emotional stresses, communicable illness, seasonal conditions, local toxins, and specific work-based issues.


Course Details:

  • Class size: 10-12
  • $900 if registered before Dec 15, $1000 after Dec 15.
  • plus $50 materials fee
  • Location: Tryon Life Community Farm in Southwest Portland
  • Option for out-of-town participants to stay at Tryon Farm overnight with slight extra cost
  • About 100 hours of study
  • Dates and times: Six weekends, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm


The 2011 dates are not set in stone, but with only slight possible adjustment they are:

  • February 12-13
  • April 2-3
  • May 21-22*
  • September 10-11
  • October 15-16
  • December 3-4

*subject to possible change


For more info about the course, follow this link to our webpage: http://communityherbalism.com

Or feel free to contact the instructors:

Erico 503.473.3899  paradoxrainbow@yahoo.com

Rebecca 510.495.4494  tidewalker@wildmail.com

Application available for download below.

CommunityHerbalismApp.pdf267.95 KB

Feedback and participation welcome! Please send bug reports to web@tryonfarm.org