Angelica (Angelica spp.) Non-Native

Angelica (Angelica spp.) Non-Native

Parts used: Chinese angelica (Dong quai) (A. sinensis): rhizome, European angelica (A. archangelica): root and aerial portions

Medicinal uses: Chinese: used as a blood tonic for deficiency conditions such as anemia, palpitations, and lowered vitality. Also regulates the menstrual cycle and is a warming herb to the circulatory system. European: a warming tonic herb for digestion and circulation, but does not have the same tonic action as Chinese angelica (Chevallier 63).

Additional uses: The stem of European angelica can be candied. The root and seeds have been used to flavor liquors with their licorice-like flavor. As a dye plant angelica produces a green dye when mordanted with iron (Kowalchik 13).

Cautions: Do not take during pregnancy (Chevallier 63).

Angelica Angelica spp

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